The Bachelor Matt Agnew reveals his exact diet and exercise regimen

From a dorky, adorable nerd to a dorky, adorable nerd with a rippling six pack!
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Look, there’s no other way to say this – The Bachelor Matt Agnew looks bloody delicious without his shirt on and we’re totally here for it.

The gorgeous astrophysicist has had the mother of all glow-ups and completely transformed himself from a dorky, adorable nerd into a dorky, adorable nerd with a rippling six pack.

And now the 31-year-old has revealed to Now To Love exactly how he keeps that ridiculous body in check, opening up about his entire diet and exercise regimen.

Surprisingly, he’s not in the gym six days a week.

“In terms of working out, I try to run three times a week. Just short ones for 4-6kms and lifting four times a week, usually just various different [exercises]. Back and bi’s (biceps), chest and tri’s (triceps), all that. A split so to speak,” Matt told Now To Love.

Exercise is a form of therapy for Matt, who says he prefers working out alone.

“I really enjoy it. For me it’s something very therapeutic. I don’t like to do it with someone. I just pop the headphones in, zoning out. Yeah it’s a therapeutic thing for me,” he said.

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Matt Agnew says he lifts weights and runs in order to stay in shape.

(Credit: Channel 10)

Matt says he’s always been a sporty person and loves to stay active.

“I’ve always played a lot of sports growing up and its always being a pretty important part of my life. so definitely. I’ve never been a big runner, I’ve got pretty lousy knees, and I think running is not conducive to that,” he revealed.

“Half the battle is just starting. For me, I could feel exhausted and just park up on the couch, do nothing and watch trash on Netflix.

“But, throw on the shoes, throw on the runners and as soon as you’ve started, it feels really great. The head’s cleared. The music gets me really going and yeah, it’s just getting through the thirty seconds of ‘just do this’.”

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Phwoar! The Bachie strips off during the promo.

(Credit: Channel 10)

And the girls are LOVING it!

(Credit: Channel 10)

As for his diet, the Bachie has a pretty intense intermittent fasting routine and keeps his diet super clean.

“Someone said apparently all the Bachelors do this, which I didn’t know, but I follow the whole intermittent fasting regime. So I usually only really have coffees, I don’t do breakfast. Sometimes I’ll skip lunch,” he told Now To Love.

“I eat in a smaller window, sometimes only 4-6 hours in the evening. They’re a lot of proteins, lean meats, salads, yoghurts. Sometimes I get stuck into those Halo Tops. It’s ‘naughty’ ice cream, but I don’t feel quite as guilty.”

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And today Matt revealed exactly how many calories he eats in a day.

Speaking to Nova’s Smallzy, Matt revealed he counts his macros (meaning he monitors exactly how much fat, protein, and carbs he eats) and eats a whopping amount of food.

“How many cals [Calories] a day are you eating? You probably use My Fitness Pal to track your food? You’re a unit!” Smallzy asked him.

“I do, I do!” Matt replied, confirming that he uses the food-tracking app, and said that he eats “about 2500” calories a day, which equates to 10,460 kilojoules.

Well, now we know why he looks so damn good with his shirt off!

You can catch more shirtless shots of Matt during The Bachelor premiere tonight on Channel 10 tonight at 7.30pm.

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