So, are Geminis and Leos REALLY compatible? We investigate whether The Bachelor Matt Agnew and Abbie will work out

All in the name of investigative journalism.
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Australia’s track record of picking a smart bloke to star as our hunky Bachelor is pretty dismal.

When you think of men like Tim Robards, Blake Garvey and Richie Strahan, what immediately comes to mind is their rippling muscles and chiselled jawlines that could cut glass.

But it’s fair to say that there’s not a whole lot going on between the ears. (Sorry, no offence, but it’s true).

So it’s super refreshing for the smart female audience that watches The Bachelor to know that this year’s Bachie is not only drop-dead gorgeous – he’s also incredibly intelligent.

Matt Agnew is an astrophysicist, meaning it’s his job to use science to find planets in the universe that can sustain human life.

While the female contestants on this reality dating show are often a mixed bag, some might say producers are usually more focused on getting girls who look stunning in cocktail dresses and bikinis, rather than women with fierce intellects.

But that could be about to change this season, with some very impressive young women already revealed to be cast among the bevvy of beauties vying for Matt’s heart.

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Matt, the sexy astrophysicist, is this year’s Bachelor.

(Credit: Channel 10)

One of the star contenders is Abbie, 23, from Queensland, who well and truly made an impression on Matt when she mistook his profession for an astrologer, and revealed she is a Gemini.

Then, Matt responded by explaining he’s a Leo!

You can watch the very awkward moment in the video player below. Story continues after the clip!

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Abbie is clearly a fan of astrology and seems particularly keen on Matt, but what do the stars have to say?

We’ve all heard the rumours about certain star signs being brilliant (or terrible) matches for each other, but is that actually a thing?

Astrologer Maggie Kerr says absolutely!

“There is a major feature of working with astrology called synastry, which is the art of comparison and seeing how compatible people are. It’s a major feature of astrology that we look at when we work with people and their relationships and children,” Maggie said.

So, what’s her professional opinion on whether Geminis and Leos are a good match?

“Gemini is an air sign. She is going to be bright and inquisitive and love learning things and be busy and good with communication,” Maggie said of the blonde and bubbly Abbie.

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Abbie is one of the girls vying for Matt’s heart on this season of The Bachelor.

(Credit: Channel 10)

And what about Matt?

“He’s a Leo, which is a fire sign, meaning he’s going to have lots of energy and creative thoughts and he will have a certain amount of charm and charisma.”

But there is a catch. Apparently Leos can carry a bit of an ego.

“Leos tend to carry a bit of an arrogant side,” Maggie said, adding that “they are quite pleased with themselves and they like to toot their own horns and enjoy recognition and approval.”

But will there be romance and butterflies between these two?

“Fire and air [signs] get on quite well, because they are both active and they both have reasonable intellects and they have energetic things going on. There’s lots of activity and movement and stimulus. They’ll get on reasonably well.”

Sounds promising to us! We can’t wait to see these two connect onscreen!

The new season of The Bachelor is coming soon to Channel 10.

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