The Bachelor Australia

The unsung hero of The Bachelor episode three was most definitely Gai Waterhouse

The first lady of racing's cameo was the most magical thing we've seen on this show to date!

By Anita Lyons
If there's one thing that The Bachelor Australia does well, it's the insane dates that Matt Agnew "organises" to take the girls on.
So when "golden ticket" winner, Elly Miles, got to visit his hometown of Melbourne, of course "he" pulled out all of the stops to impress her.
Being a country girl, Matt decided that the only thing in the whole of Melbourne that would possibly impress her would be, well, horses.
And where's the best place to see horses in the city? Flemington Racecourse of course - home of the coveted Melbourne Cup!
While a beautiful trip around the track in a horse-drawn carriage was pretty special, it was the guest waiting for them at the end of the ride that was the most magical thing of all.
Waiting with open arms and full of wonder and joy, was Gai Waterhouse.
Gai welcoming Matt and Elly with open arms! (Source: Network Ten)
Yup, "Matt" had organised for Elly to meet the most "prestigious, well-respected and important figure in Australian racing" and boy, her first cameo on The Bachelor did not disappoint.
In her best "proud Mum meeting the girlfriend for the first time" voice, Gai yelled: "Welcome to Flemington, Matt! Look at your beautiful date! Aren't you a doll?!"
Matt and Elly were thrilled to bits with this welcome and were every bit all of us whenever Gai made an appearance on screen:
"THIS IS SO GREAT! We CANNOT even!" (Source: Network Ten)
"She was standing right next to the Melbourne Cup. Does it get even more Melbourne than that? I don't think so!" Elly told the producers.
Then, moseying in between the pair, Gai took each of their hands, (waving Matt's hand away from his date -"get away" she said) and excitedly rushed them over the prestigious trophy - just short of skipping with delight.
Gai in between Matt and Elly is everything. (Source: Network Ten)
Allowing the couple to hold the cup, Gai was very impressed by Matt's strength...
"Strong like an Ox!" (Source: Network Ten)
"Oohh very nice!" (Source: Network Ten)
And honestly, could Gai be anymore fun?!
If this whole exchange didn't put a HUGE smile on your face, we don't know what will!

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