Meet the celebrities braving the South African jungle on the 2024 season of ‘I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!

Let the shenanigans begin!
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Fans of I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! Australia are in for a treat for the reality show’s landmark 10th season in 2024.

After keeping fans on their toes with numerous contestant clues and countless guesses, the wait is over with the unfortunate celebrities roughing it in the South African jungle finally being revealed.

Here is the cast of I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! Australia for 2024.

(Image: Channel 10)

Denise Drysdale

National Treasure

While 11 of this years’ celebrities were confirmed during the first episode, the ‘National Treasure’ remained a mystery.

It was later revealed that beloved Logie-winning television presenter Denise Drysdale is the final star entering the jungle for I’m A Celebrity in 2024!

Speaking on her decision to join the show, the 75-year-old told Ten, “I watch the show a lot and, the last two years, I’ve seen people make really great friendships. You really get to know someone in that situation, and I think the friendships they’ve developed and kept are just wonderful.”

(Image: Channel 10)

Brittany Hockley

Radio Host

Radio personality and Bachelor alum Brittany Hockley was the first celebrity confirmed to be entering the jungle this year.

“I’m so pumped. I’m so chuffed, but I’m also petrified, and I’m very nervous and I’m very anxious,” Brittany shared.

“I’m petrified of spiders and snakes, heights. I have this weird fear that there’s going to be a hippopotamus that’s going to be chilling in one of the pools,” she said about the show.

(Image: Channel 10)

Callum Hole

Reality TV Star

Love Island Australia star Callum Hole is known for his cheeky personality, and the Welsh personal trainer apparently doesn’t fully grasp what he’s getting himself into on the show.

“I don’t know much at all. Like, all I know is I’m gonna be out in the jungle. And I gotta like get stars or something and get food, and if you don’t get stars you don’t really get fed.”

(Image: Channel 10)

Candice Warner


Former Ironwoman Candice Warner is no stranger to a physical challenge, having previously appeared on SAS Australia.

Candice spoke to Woman’s Day about her decision to join the show, saying she’s doing it for her three daughters whom she shares with cricketer husband, David Warner.

“It’s about me stepping out of my comfort zone, but also showing my daughters that if you put your mind to something, you can achieve anything and you can overcome anything,” she says.

(Image: Channel 10)

Ellie Cole

Gold Medallist

Gold-medallist and Paralympian Ellie Cole has achieved a lot in her career as a swimmer, but now she’s ready for a different challenge.

Ellie is a huge fan of the show, and was eager to give it a go for a while but her schedule as an athlete made it difficult. Now, she’s living her dream of being on I’m A Celebrity!

(Image: Channel 10)

Frankie Muniz

Child Star

International former child star Frankie Muniz is in the jungle!

The Malcolm In the Middle actor gave up the screen in 2006, and now pursues his passion of car racing as a professional driver .

Although you’d expect Frankie to be an adrenaline seeker, the 38-year-old told Pedestrian.TV that he is actually quite the opposite.

“I’ve never been skydiving. I’ve never done bungee jumping. I don’t do any extreme sports. I don’t want to get hurt either. Even my bones are old and brittle now so I break easy,” he said.

(Image: Channel 10)

Khanh Ong

Celebrity Chef

Khanh Ong is certainly no stranger to reality television, having appeared on both MasterChef Australia and Australian Survivor.

The celebrity chef is happy to take on the role of cook in the camp, as he said: “Food makes me really feel safe and I’m naturally a feeder. So for me, nothing would make me happier than making sure that the camp is well fed.”

(Image: Channel 10)

Michelle Bridges

Fitness Guru

Former The Biggest Loser trainer Michelle Bridges has joined the cast of this year’s season of I’m A Celebrity.

According to Michelle, she’s been asked every year to go on the show but 2024 is the first time it has worked with her schedule.

(Image: Channel 10)

Peter Daicos

AFL Legend

I’m A Celebrity always loves to have an AFL player in the mix, and this year it’s Collingwood great Peter Daicos who is braving the South African jungle.

(Image: Channel 10)

Skye Wheatley

Mega Influencer

Influencer and former Big Brother Australia housemate, Skye Wheatley, has been confirmed as a celebrity on this year’s show.

Skye is known for her big personality and will certainly make an entertaining addition to the cast.

(Image: Channel 10)

Stephen K Amos

International Comedian

British comedian Stephen K Amos will be the resident funnyman on I’m A Celebrity in 2024.

We’re sure he’ll be making the other celebrities laugh away their discomfort in the jungle.

(Image: Channel 10)

Tristan MacManus

TV Host

Rounding up this year’s array of celebrities is Tristan Macmanus.

The Irishman is known for presenting on Studio 10, as well as being a judge on Dancing with the Stars Australia.

I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here airs Sunday to Thursday, 7:30pm, on 10 and 10Play.

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