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EXCLUSIVE: Irish Dancing With The Stars judge Tristan MacManus on raising his family in Australia

The hunky Irish-born dancer and judge talks about why he’s changing direction for his gorgeous family.
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Professional dancer Tristan MacManus has been making audiences around the world swoon for nearly a decade.

With his strong Irish accent and ripped physique, his edgy look has made him a pin-up for reality TV across the globe.

However, after a switch in focus and “several injuries”, the 37-year-old tells Woman’s Day he’s ready to chase a career on the ballroom’s sidelines so he can focus on his “suburban dad life”.

“Dancing is something I’ve done for 26 years, it’s something I still enjoy but I’m ready to take a step back,” he reveals from his family home in Sydney’s Sutherland Shire.

“I never thought about being a judge, but I love it and it’s giving me that extra time to spend with the kids, so it’s the best of both worlds.”

Tristan (right) pictured with his fellow DWTS judges Craig Revel Horwood (left) and Sharna Burgess (centre).

(Credit: Channel 10)

He married actress and model Tahyna Tozzi in 2014, and in 2016 the couple moved back to Australia after time in the UK and the US, to raise their children, daughter Echo, three, and 11-month old son, Oisin.

“Before we had the kids, I thought we lived a very exciting Hollywood life,” Tahyna, 33, says.

“But now we want to stay put. We have everything we need in the Shire,” Tristan adds.

“There’s the beach, there’s a playground on almost every block – we’re just a simple suburban family.”

Tahyna and Tristan with their children, daughter Echo, three, and 11-month old son, Oisin.

(Credit: Woman’s Day)

The couple live in Sydney’s Sutherland Shire.

(Credit: Woman’s Day)

Playing happy families on set at our photoshoot.

(Credit: Woman’s Day)

While they think they’re living the simple life, their two children are certainly no shrinking violets.

“Echo came out [of the womb] with jazz hands,” Tahyna laughs.

“We both said we wanted her to be a doctor or a scientist but she’s changing career paths each week. Last week she wanted to be Dolly Parton,” Tristan laughs.

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Falling in love with Tahnya convinced Tristan to move to Australia permanently.

(Credit: Woman’s Day)

Their enormous love for their family is evident, which is even more poignant given the pair’s previous profound loss.

“We had trouble when we first started talking about having a family, we actually lost our first baby – it was a horrible experience to go through,” Tahyna says.

“But we pushed it to the back of our minds when we fell pregnant with Echo. But the next time we tried, we lost that baby as well.”

Aww, cute!

(Credit: Woman’s Day)

The pair experienced a miscarriage, losing their first child.

(Credit: Woman’s Day)

The experience made the couple cherish and appreciate every moment with their children.

“I really do feel like we’re very lucky,” says Tahyna, whose sister is model and singer Cheyenne Tozzi.

Tahyna has now almost completed a documentary on her experiences, in which she hopes to “shatter the stigma around infertility”.

“I never thought in a million years I’d be doing documentaries, but I’d hate Echo to go through what I went through. I did it for her.”

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While their loss certainly made an impact, the couple still haven’t ruled out trying for more children.

“I could go another, five is the magic number I think,” Tristan says.

“Tristan would have a whole football team if he could – but he’s not the one carrying them!” Tayhna says.

Dancing with the Stars airs on Sunday nights at 7.30pm on Channel Ten.

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