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EXCLUSIVE: Brittany Hockley spills on her dating life following her public break up from Jordan Thompson

''I hope it will just happen organically when it is meant to.''
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Brittany Hockley’s media career has gone from strength to strength since she became an instant fan favourite on season six of The Bachelor.

But with fame comes its challenges. One struggle the 34-year-old continues to face on a daily basis is the constant prying from fans about her love life.

In February, following months of painful speculation over her relationship status, Brittany admitted on her and Laura Byrne’s Life Uncut podcast that she and tennis pro Jordan Thompson had split.

Brittany announced her split from Jordan Thompson in February.

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Speaking exclusively to Now To Love, Brittany speaks out about the pressure for influencers and TV personalities to share every detail of their personal lives.

“It is tough sometimes because I think people can just assume that because someone is in the public eye it means they aren’t allowed any privacy at all,” she tells us.

“And of course the interest is there! But at the end of the day, they are humans entitled to some privacy too and can decide what it is they want to share.”

At the time, Brittany said the added struggle of dealing with conjecture about her relationship only made the breakup process harder.

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“It was really tough to know that we were here, being together and just because we hadn’t put an Instagram up people were making up stories,” she said.

The former reality star now admits her love life “is not really going anywhere at the moment”.

“I have just been doing my own thing and not putting much thought into it, focusing on my career and working hard on a few exciting projects I have coming up,” she says.

“I figure – I hope – it will just happen organically when it is meant to.”

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Brittany and Laura Byrne say they’re open to starting their own TV show.

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While Brittany may not have been successful in finding love on Nick ‘Honey Badger’ Cummins’ season of The Bachelor, she doesn’t regret her time on the show.

In fact, her days on reality TV might not be over just yet.

“I would always have [another] go and I think lots of them would be a great experience,” she says.

“If I were to do one it would be something fun and active like Dancing With the Stars, Survivor, SAS Australia, that kind of vibe. I like to challenge myself.”

“I am focusing more on acting again now, I’m back at NIDA and just loving it.”

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But for now, Brittany has her sights set on the big screen.

“I am focusing more on acting again now, I’m back at NIDA [National Institute of Dramatic Art] and just loving it,” she reveals.

Brittany also hasn’t ruled out taking to television again alongside her best friend and podcast co-host Laura.

“There has actually been a bit of talk about [us doing a show together] lately,” she says.

“Yes we definitely would, how fun would that be! Maybe even host together, that would be cool. We spend so much time together, I think she probably sees me more than poor Matty J, so I think we would be a great team.”

But the top of Brittany’s priorities lately is her work with Witchery for their White Shirt Campaign, which aims to raise money towards ovarian cancer research.

“As a woman, daughter, sister and health care worker, ovarian cancer is going to affect and touch me or someone I know at some stage,” Brittany says.

“Being able to help in any way is what it is about so I’m thrilled to be involved in the Witchery White Shirt Campaign.”

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