Prince William to star in new documentary about important initiative close to his heart

It’s set to be released later this year.
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Ending homelessness has long been a cause close to Prince William’s heart, and he created an initiative, the Homewards program, in an attempt to create real change.

Now, the all-important cause will be shown in a new light thanks to an upcoming documentary that will feature the Prince of Wales, 42.

Prince William at the 2024 BAFTAs. (Image: Getty)

The upcoming docuseries, titled Prince William: We Can End Homelessness, will showcase the first of the five-year Homewards program initiative. It’s set to be released on ITV1 and ITVX in the coming months.

Audiences will see Prince William launch the initiative in the United Kingdom and capture the raw, authentic and vulnerable stories of individuals facing homelessness, as well as those who have experienced it at some point in their lives.

The docuseries will also acknowledge and highlight the individuals and organisations who have committed to advocating for the homeless, as well as combating the issue.

Homelessness is a cause close to his heart. (Image: Getty)

We Can End Homelessness will be directed by BAFTA Award-winner Leo Burley who stated,  “Over the past year we have spent time following Prince William and The Royal Foundation through the first year of the Homewards program. We’ve heard some incredibly moving stories from people across the country facing homelessness.

“From street homelessness in Newport, to families living in temporary accommodation in Sheffield, and youth homelessness in Aberdeen, the documentary paints a picture of homelessness across the UK today, working with many people who never expected to experience life without a place to call home.

“Everyone we’ve filmed with has welcomed the spotlight that Prince William and Homewards are placing on the UK’s homelessness crisis.”

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Homewards was founded in June 2023 by Prince William and The Royal Foundation, with the goal of making homelessness “rare, brief and unrepeated” within the next five years.

They also aim to raise awareness, inspire optimism, work locally, and provide unprecedented support to those experiencing homelessness.

The Prince of Wales has spoken about how the topic has become an important one even within his own household, and he often has open conversations with his children Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis about homelessness.

“On the school run, we talk about what we see. Driving backwards and forwards [in London], we regularly used to see people sitting outside supermarkets and we’d talk about it,” William told The Sunday Times.

The prince also added that he believes the discussions are important for his family. “I think it’s in all our interests, it’s the right thing to do, to expose the children, at the right stage, in the right dialogue, so they have an understanding.”

“They [will] grow up knowing that actually, some of us are very fortunate, some of us need a helping hand, some of us need to do more and help others improve their lives,” he said.

Princess Diana inspired her sons to follow in her footsteps to create positive change. (Image: Getty)

From a young age, Prince William’s late mother, Princess Diana made a point of teaching her sons about life outside of the royal family, and instilled in them many charitable and selfless values and beliefs that both William and his brother Prince Harry still uphold everyday in their line of work.

Diana believed in compassion and empathy and often visited homeless shelters along with her boys, which made a lasting impression on them.

It’s likely that the Homewards project was fuelled by William’s desire to make positive change in the world, just like his mother.

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