Six jobs Meghan Markle could realistically pursue as she steps down from the royal family

The options are endless.
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There’s no denying Meghan Markle is the ultimate go-getter – just looking at her portfolio of work before she became an official member of the royal family will tell you as much.

The ever-stylish Duchess of Sussex didn’t need a fancy title to make a major name for herself in the world – what with her revered performance as paralegal Rachel on Suits, her candid pup-filled Instagram account, not to mention her dedicated lifestyle blog, The Tig.

That’s why despite many people being up in arms about her and husband Prince Harry’s shock decision to essentially quit as senior royal family members, with the intention of becoming financially independent, we can’t help but get a little bit excited about what Meghan might do next.

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Meghan has a plethora of job options at her finger tips after she and Harry announced they would step back as senior royal family members.


Of course, like any royal scandal, rumours are flying left, right and centre as to what’s on Meghan’s agenda.

But with a colourful portfolio like Meghan’s, it seems the options are endless the mum-of-one.

And as we well know, she’s not one to sit around quietly, so we’re pretty sure we’ll be seeing her tackle challenges outside of the royal realm in no time.

That’s why we decided to make a definitive list of actual possible jobs Meghan might take up once the dust has settled and she and Harry start their new life outside of the higher royal realm.

Keep scrolling as we delve into all the possibilities.

1. Charitable work

This one is pretty much 100 per cent a-go for Megs.

In fact, when Meghan and Harry released the bombshell statement detailing their intention to step back from their roles as senior royal family members, the pair confirmed that they would indeed be launching a new charitable entity.

Of course, both Meghan and Harry are no strangers to this. Both have utilised their roles as royals by fulfilling numerous patronages with not-for-profit organisations working for the greater good.

Meghan utilised this in the best way she knew how – using her knack for all things style, she designed a line of women’s work wear in conjunction with Smart Works, a charitable organisation that helps vulnerable women get back into the work force.

An avid foodie, the Duchess also made good use of her culinary knowledge by teaming up with the Hubb Community Kitchen to develop a cookbook, the proceeds of which went towards those affected by the Grenfell Tower tragedy in London.

She also worked behind the scenes with a London social enterprise named Luminary Bakery, which provides vulnerable women the opportunity to work in the kitchen to produce sell-able baked goods.

With this in mind, we’re almost certain that Meghan’s charitable efforts will only expand from here.

2. Go back to acting

When she became a royal family member, Meghan sacrificed an entire acting career – one she had spent years fostering.

If that didn’t prove her love for Prince Harry, we’re not entirely sure what could, because giving up something you’ve literally dreamt of achieving your whole life isn’t exactly something we’d be game for unless it was an extreme circumstance.

Alas, Meghan did it all in the name of love. But perhaps now, after being rid of the confines of the British firm (which will likely never accommodate to one of its members having even a small acting side-hustle) the Duchess might just be in luck.

Hands up if you’d be keen to see Meghan portray herself in The Crown?!

We’ll just be over here patiently waiting to see Harry and Meghan’s story line unfold…


3. Relaunch her blog, The Tig

Meghan’s much loved blog, The Tig might be gone in the physical sense, but boy does it live on in our minds.

Covering all things from recipes, restaurant reviews to life skills and some of her childhood memories, the online platform was a hub of information on the soon-to-be-royal.

The insight it offered was next to none. Once, the Duchess even spoke about her experience going on an Eat, pray, Love-esque adventure, where she spent an entire month attempting to “eat everything, pray (and meditate) often, and simply love my life, every ounce of it.”

Perhaps in her new life outside of the inner royal family, she’ll relaunch the blog with a new twist – mummy blogger anyone?

Meghan might be planning the relaunch of The Tig as we speak…


4. Relaunch her personal Instagram account

Like her blog was a haven for all things Meghan, the Duchess’ former Instagram account was also filled with candid gems.

If you ever wondered whether the 38-year-old was a cat person or a dog person, all you needed to do was take a quick look at her grid to know she’s a pup-lover to the end.

Just before she married Harry, the Instagram account was deleted as per her royal requirements.

But as she and her husband begin to step back from their regal roles, rules will no doubt become a little more lenient – as is the case for Princess Eugenie, who has her own personal Instagram account.

So does that mean we might soon be re-subjected to a plethora of cute doggos and selfies? We certainly hope so!

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5. Pen a book

We know Meghan likes to made her voice heard, and we know she doesn’t hold back if it’s on the right platform – which is exactly why we reckon the brunette royal will utilise her status to pen book once she’s settled into life outside of strict royal confines.

Indeed, the Duchess has delivered some eyebrow-raising interviews with reputable press outlets – case in point being that pre-engagement interview with Vanity Fair.

What’s more, Meghan’s clear desire to call out the harsh scrutiny and abuse she’s been subjected to as a royal family member in the 2019 ITV documentary Harry and Meghan: An African Journey definitely makes us think she wouldn’t say no to a tell-all book deal down the track.

Just to tell it like it really is once and for all…

Meghan isn’t one to shy away from speaking her truth – so will we see that play out in a book, perhaps?


6. Become a regular Vogue contributor

Following on from her impressive guest edit of British Vogue in September 2019, whispers were rife that the Duchess might make the feat a regular thing.

Of course, being a senior member of the royal family would have limited her creative licence in writing anything for the globally recognised fashion magazine, so any real hope for the partnership was thin on the ground.

But now, with Meghan having stepped back from these rules and regulations, it’ll be so much easier for the fashion maven to nut out a regular column for the publication.

British Vogue editor Edward Enninful even said himself that the response to Meghan’s September guest edit of the magazine was “phenomenal”.

“The people it championed, made it clear that this was not simply a moment, but a movement,” he said in a recent issue of the magazine.

“For that reason, as we enter a new decade, we wish to continue that story.”

Well this certainly sounds promising…

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