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Resurfaced blog post reveals Duchess Meghan's favourite cocktail

And it's marvellously British!

By Alex Lilly
She may be an honorary Brit now, but even back when the Duchess of Sussex was still referred to as Meghan Markle, the California native had an affinity for her new home country across the pond.
In a resurfaced blog post from Duchess Meghan's now defunct lifestyle blog The Tig, the former Suits star revealed her favourite cocktail and we reckon her royal relatives would most definitely approve!
The post written by Meghan in 2014, years before she and Prince Harry had even met, detailed her ideal summer and we have to say, it sounds rather dreamy.
"Sun-kissed afternoons, cocktail in hand, surrounded by nothing but the laughter of your closest mates, an Otis Redding playlist, and the whistling breeze of the wind. I'm talking about perfection, people. The perfection that comes with summertime. Picnics and barbecues, laying out by the pool with friends, and toasting to the season are high on my list," she penned.
But while Meghan has admitted that she loves to indulge in a good wine, she is a fan of one summery cocktail.
"Picnics and barbecues, laying out by the pool with friends, and toasting to the season are high on my list." (Image: Instagram @meghanmarkle)
She continued in her post, "And while I generally opt to whet my whistle with a glass of rosé or crisp Sauvignon Blanc, sometimes the day calls for a cocktail. Cue The TIG Cup."
"Having a love of all things Brit, I wanted to do a twist on their signature Pimm's Cup. Using cues from the season, with fresh and vibrant farmers' market ingredients, this drink will whet your whistle and keep you cool during those long summer days turned nights. This is a guaranteed crowd pleaser, and a nod to the fresh picked flavours of the season. Cheers!"
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Meghan Markle's Pimm's Cup recipe

Traditionally, a British Pimm's cocktail features orange wedges, strawberries, cucumber and mint but the Duchess of Sussex's recipe has a bit of a unique twist. Check out the recipe below.
  • Fresh mint
  • Fresh ribbons of cucumber
  • Grapefruit rind
  • Shavings of radish
  • Thin stalks of celery
  • Ice
  • Lime
  • Your favourite gin, soda water, tonic water and maraschino cherry liquer
  • Stack a sprinkling of the cucumber/mint/celery/radish/lime into the glass. Fill glass with ice.
  • In a shaker, add a couple ounces of gin and a splash of the maraschino cherry liqueur. Don't be scared on the name of the latter – I personally loathe syrupy sweet drinks but this has just enough of a subtle sweetness that it really acts as more of a back note in the drink. Plus the maraschino cherry of it all reminds me of drinking Shirley temples as a little girl. My, have we grown up.
  • Shake the alcohols hard with ice.
  • Back to your glass – pour a two count of tonic and a three count of soda water. I don't gravitate to the taste of tonic so I always go heavier on the soda, but feel free to reverse the measurements of these two, or play around with it to taste.
  • Strain the gin and liqueur mixture into the two glasses, splitting equally. Finish each drink with a twist of the grapefruit over the top.
Cheers to that Your Highness! (Image: Instagram @meghanmarkle)
Duchess Meghan isn't the only royal who likes to indulge in a cocktail from time to time.
The Telegraph reported that Meghan's sister-in-law Duchess Catherine is partial to a Jack Daniels whiskey and remarked that "she has been known to drink the 'Crack Baby' cocktails sold at Boujis," a popular London nightclub that the royals favoured in their youth.
The Crack Baby is a sweet cocktail consisting of passionfruit juice, vodka, Chambord, strawberries and champagne for those of you who are interested. And we have to say, it sounds pretty good!
We're keen to try Duchess Catherine's favourite cocktail now. (Image: Getty Images)
And it appears Her Majesty doesn't mind a tipple either.
In a report by The Independent, the Queen's cousin Margaret Rhodes said that the monarch will have "a gin and Dubonnet before lunch, with a slice of lemon and a lot of ice." She added that the Queen will have "wine with lunch and a dry Martini and a glass of champagne in the evening."
And at six units a day, this makes Lizzie a binge drinker by UK government standards!