Prince Harry & Meghan Markle’s polo showdown

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Whether it was the pressure of filming their new Netflix series or something else, there was no denying the Duke and Duchess of Sussex looked tense and on edge at the annual Sentebale Polo Cup recently.

The event, which helps raise funds for Harry’s HIV charity, marked the first time the couple’s camera crew were on hand to film one of their two final Netflix series – the other is a lifestyle show – and onlookers say it caused “all kinds of havoc”.

Things appeared tense between the couple. (Image: Backgrid)


Sources at the event have confirmed it was hard to get the 39-year-old prince to smile, even for photos, and there was no denying the pair’s lack of connection on the day.

One onlooker tells Woman’s Day, “Harry was probably upset that Meghan was having a great time, talking to everyone, even having fun with the other players.”

The event was filmed for the Sussexes’ upcoming documentary. (Image: Backgrid)


“He didn’t look happy, and whenever they were together, things were pretty frosty – he even avoided eye contact with her,” says an insider. “Of course she’s a master at smoothing things over, but it was clear he had something to say to her during the car ride home.”

Friends say there’s a lot riding on this polo documentary, which could also explain some of the tension between Harry and his 42-year-old wife.

“They both know they’ve got to make this work,” another source tells.

“Netflix has literally thrown them a lifeline when they really didn’t have to, so the pressure’s on.”

Work commitments aside, Harry’s plans to return to the UK in early May are causing plenty of tension.

“Meghan knows she should be there, even as a professional maintaining a brand, but she’s also wise enough to know the damage that will be done to that ‘brand’ if she and the kids were to go to London and be rejected by Harry’s family,” says the insider.

“It’s safe to say there are lots of difficult conversations happening in their household right now.”

Meghan made an effort to speak to the players at the polo match. (Image: Getty)

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