More than four years after their shock exit from royal life, the Sussexes want back in!

Will Harry and Meghan return to royal life?
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Whether Britain wants them back or not, all the signs are there that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are planning a Megxit U-turn – and are serious about an official return to the UK.

Following reports that the couple are on the hunt for a British PR firm to help boost their poor image in Harry’s homeland, sources say “they may not have a choice”.

The duchess was hailed a “visionary female leader” at the SXSW festival. (Image: Getty)


Last week, a US judge ordered the Department of Homeland Security to release details of Harry’s visa application by March 21, a situation that could cause embarrassment to both the current and former presidents.

“It’s a political bombshell that could drag down both [Joe] Biden and [Donald] Trump over claims they gave Harry preferential treatment, particularly in light of his drug admissions from his book,” says an insider.

“Trump’s made it clear what he thinks of Harry and Meghan, but things have been estranged with Joe and Jill [Biden] since they allegedly tried to hitch a ride home on Air Force One after the Queen’s funeral.

“It’s also getting mighty expensive in California. Harry and Meghan are desperate, and it’s pretty clear the royal family are desperate too. It makes sense for them to reopen the UK as an option for them. Harry is keen to return to London as a working royal again, especially knowing how much they need him right now.”

While relations between Harry, 39, and his brother, “acting” monarch Prince William, are at rock bottom, sources say King Charles’ diagnosis has made Harry even more determined to mend bridges.

Harry feels a sense of duty back in his native UK. (Image: Getty)

Meghan and Harry have been front and centre lately, with the duchess commanding the stage as a keynote speaker at the SXSW event in Texas.

The couple also took the time to visit the family of teacher Irma Garcia, who was killed in the 2022 Uvalde shooting.

“What do you think all these appearances are for?” adds the insider. “They’re effectively staging their own royal tour, showing what they can do – meeting victims, shaking hands, offering shoulders and hugs.

“They’re bringing their A-game, without any doctored photos of their children necessary, but more than that, Harry wants William to know he can be useful to him.”

As for Charles, 75, who is keeping Harry updated with his progress, friends say the prince is convinced the King wants him back.

A palace source says, “Of course the King wants Harry and Meghan back, but it’s William they have to convince. It would ease Charles’ mind to have both his sons nearby and on duty on his behalf. He and Queen Camilla are struggling and want to lead a more balanced life.”

Charles wants his youngest son back on the royal roster. (Image: Getty)

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