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Meghan Markle shares an unexpected cupcake appreciation post on Instagram for a very special reason

A keen baker herself, the Duchess is celebrating more than just a darn good cake.

By Jess Pullar
In what might be her sweetest Instagram post yet, Duchess Meghan has celebrated one of her favourite bakeries by shining a light on their incredible work - and it's not just about making delicious cupcakes.
Taking to her official Instagram account, which she shares with husband Prince Harry, the Duchess posted a series of stunning images from inside a small London bakery that's doing big things, and it's provided us with the perfect mix of food and feel-good vibes we never knew we needed.
The Duchess shared five images, starting with a set of delicious looking cupcakes featuring encouraging quotes such as "you are strong", "you are worthy", and "be kind to your mind".
Shining a spotlight on the creators of the quirky cupcakes, Luminary Bakery, the caption read: "Today we shine a spotlight on @LuminaryBakery and the amazing women of this inspiring and sustainable grassroots organisation."
Next came a quote directly from Meghan, who explained: "What they've created at Luminary Bakery is exceptional - it's a space for baking, healing and rebuilding."
She then revealed that she had made a visit to the bakery in person, explaining: "When I visited earlier this year I was struck by how the baking, itself, is a means of therapy for these women - which in many ways makes complete sense - feeling they had no control over their lives based on their previous (and often harrowing) circumstances, they found comfort in the measured nature of baking."
Meghan shared a series of gorgeous pics from Luminary Bakery. (@SussexRoyal / @LuminaryBakery)
Continuing, the Duchess wrote: "Mixing equal parts of one ingredient and another could yield the perfect dessert, but the act of doing so provided personal balance.
"So while the baked goods are absolutely delicious, it's the story of how the program at Luminary reshapes lives through baking that is the actual icing on the cake."
We couldn't have put this better ourselves!
The bakery itself is indeed doing some amazing work in the London community, opening it's arms up to help vulnerable women and providing them with job skills, career support, mentoring and coaching.
Founded in 2014 by Alice Williams, Sarah Harrison and Abigail Mifsud, the bakery has so far helped over 50 women in the UK, while working to encourage and empower women who have been victims of violence, homelessness and sex trafficking.
The bakery is doing incredible work in the London community. (@SussexRoyal / @LuminaryBakery)
And we wouldn't be surprised if you have already heard of the game-changing bakery - it was featured in Meghan Markle's guest edit of British Vogue's September issue.
"The combination of these like minded women supporting each other, both on the staff side and from the students, is proving to be the perfect recipe in creating this amazing, positive environment," the post on Sussex Royal explained.
Earlier in August, it was also revealed the bakery had made a personal birthday cake for Meghan Markle, according to respected royal reporter Omid Scobie.
The carrot cake was decorated to perfection, with large letters written in chocolate drizzle spelling: "Happy Birthday Meghan".
With Sussex Royal's 9.3 million-strong following (and counting!), there's no denying the sharing of posts like these by the royals will do incredible wonders for the enterprise.
The bakery itself has a baking-clad Instagram feed with more than 20,000 followers - and we're pretty sure that number is only set to rise, just like its glorious cakes!
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