Archie’s real hair colour finally revealed – and there’s “tufts” of it!

This is too cute.
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Ever since his joyful arrival on May 6, the world has been itching to get a good glimpse of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s baby Archie.

And while we’ve had several fleeting moments in the three months since his birth, there are still plenty of things we’d love to know about Archie’s appearance.

In the latest series of pictures, which were taken at his christening and then (fleetingly) at a polo match in July, many started to speculate the young royal was taking after his father – but now, a new revelation has given us a definitive answer.

Oh, and it’s made us positively giddy for the adorable little cherub.

A new report from PEOPLE magazine has revealed that baby Archie is taking after his dad more than ever.

Indeed, a source told the publication that Archie has “tufts of reddish hair”.

Okay, we’ll just need a moment to process how adorable this is – especially because they didn’t stop there.

The last time we saw Archie’s little face properly was in his official christening pictures.

(Chris Allerton / SussexRoyal)

The source also revealed that Archie has “lovely, puffy little legs”.

“He’s a happy baby… He’s really adorable”.

Given the playful and cheeky nature of his father, we don’t find this hard to believe. And with that being said, it’s clearer than ever that baby Archie is most definitely turning into his father’s mini-me – even at three-months of age!

Archie is dead-set to become a mini-me of his doting dad.

(Dominic Lipinski / PA / AAP)

Following our whirlwind glimpses of the young royal, many royal fans had already pointed out his similarities to Prince Harry.

On Father’s Day in the UK, the Sussexes released a gorgeous photo of Archie where he is seen tightly holding on to his dad’s middle finger.

The picture, which only revealed half of his adorable little face, revealed he had large doe-like eyes – something his father was famous for in his youth.

Prince Harry (L) and Archie definitely looked similar as young bubs.

(Getty / Sussex Royal)

Harry’s doe-eyed gene has definitely been passed down!


And now that we’ve confirmed the young bub has red hair, the world can be well assured their musings were correct.

Although that’s not to say Archie doesn’t take after his mum Meghan either!

A close family friend of the Sussexes and celebrated primatologist and anthropologist Dr Jane Goodall recently revealed that she’d had the pleasure of meeting and cuddling baby Archie, explaining that he was “very cute and very gentle.”

Mum Meghan is known for her friendliness and warmth, so perhaps young Archie is taking after her in personality, more so than looks.

That being said, we can’t stop looking at the mum and son’s comparisons as babies in the adorable pics below.

Meghan was definitely “very happy” as a baby too!

Meghan (L) looked to be quite the happy baby too, as Archie has recently been described!

( Instagram / @meghanmarkle & @sussexroyal)
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