King Charles and Princess Catherine are reportedly ‘closer than ever’ following their cancer diagnoses

They have a ‘very good bond’.
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It has been revealed that both King Charles III and Catherine, Princess of Wales have been diagnosed with cancer.

The relationship between the two royals has always been strong, but has reportedly grown even stronger during this difficult period.

Both the King, 75, and the Princess of Wales, 42, were at a London Clinic in January where Charles underwent a prostate procedure and Catherine abdominal surgery. The two of them allegedly met up while they crossed paths at the hospital.

A royal insider spoke with The Times, saying: “When they were in hospital together there was a lot of toddling down the corridor to spend time with her. He has been encouraging and supporting her throughout.

“The King has always had a close, warm and unique relationship with the princess. She has a great love and respect for him and his position.” 

King Charles kissing Princess Catherine on the cheek.
The King and Catherine have known each other for 15 years. (Image: Getty)

It’s also reported that Charles and Kate Middleton shared a private lunch shortly after the Princess filmed her video message where she announced her cancer diagnosis on 22 March.

At the time of their lunch, both the King and his daughter-in-law had already begun treatment for their respective cancers.

Following the video announcement, a Buckingham Palace spokesperson said that His Majesty is “so proud of Catherine for her courage in speaking as she did, confirming that the King has “remained in the closest contact with his beloved daughter-in-law throughout the past weeks.”

It has since been announced that the King has honoured Catherine for her years of public service. The Princess of Wales has become the first member of the royal family to be appointed as a Royal Companion of The Order of the Companions of Honour.

Kate Middleton and King Charles smiling and talking to each other.
Kate first met Charles in 2009 at the royal family’s Balmoral estate. (Image: Getty)

Royal author Sally Bedell Smith says that Charles “has always had a very good bond with [Kate], and a royal source has pointed out that they also currently share a “common health experience” as well as have always had common interests.

“She’s interested in artistic things and she appreciates art and culture so has an affinity with the King over that.

“Obviously they have this in common and can only bring them closer. It is a source of reassurance and consolation for both of them,” Sally told PEOPLE.

“He has always had a very good bond with her. I don’t think it is presumptuous to say that she is like the daughter he never had. He shares with William an impulse to protect her. They are in this together, Kate and the King.”

King Charles and Kate Middleton smiling together.
The two royals have always shared a close bond. (Image: Getty)

A family friend of the British royal family also spoke to Vanity Fair, saying that the King is in “regular daily touch” with both Kate and Prince William.

“To be honest, he and William speak very regularly, but now the king calls daily to check in and make sure Catherine is doing OK,” the source says.

Charles was also “100 percent behind” Kate’s video message announcement, a stray from typical royal statements.

The royal family usually issue written statements, but Catherine wanted to deliver the news herself in a more personal manner. According to sources, Kate discussed this decision with both William and Charles, and received their full support.

“She has always had a close relationship with Charles, but this has brought them so much closer,” a family friend shared.

“Charles adores Kate and has so much respect for her and the courage she has shown in all of this. He was fully behind her recording the message. He has been buoyed by the many messages of support he has received, and he knew that Kate would get the same support from the public.”

Both Charles’ and Catherine’s types of cancer have not been disclosed. (Image: Getty)

Both King Charles and Princess Catherine will continue to undergo treatment, and it has not been announced when they will return to royal duties.

A royal source has shared that the King is “progressing well”, and that there are plans for him to return to events around summer in the United Kingdom, however the Palace is not “committing to anything” and everything will be “subject to doctors’ advice at the time.”

Meanwhile, Kate was originally said to be returning to public duties after Easter, however it will largely depend on how her treatment goes. Aids have said she is feeling well and has been doing some work from her home at Adelaide Cottage.

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