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Shane Warne’s ex-wife ‘speechless’ over Brynne fling

Not much shocks Shane Warne’s ex-wife, but his tryst with Brynne Edelsten did!

Simone and Warnie called it quits in 2005.

Simone Callahan has spoken out about her ex-husband Shane Warne’s late night run-in with Brynne Edelsten.

Shane was photographed arriving at Brynne’s Melbourne home for a “nightcap” in the early hours of Thursday morning.

Things went from bad to worse for Shane a few days later when text messages he sent to Brynne were leaked to Woman’s Day, including gems such as: “Excited for me to devour u?”

After a decade and three children with Shane, Simon Callahan is not likely easily shocked by his behaviour, but this latest incident knocked her for six, so to speak.

“No words,” Simone told The Daily Telegraph. “Wow. I didn’t even have a laugh to be honest. Yeah no words, speechless.

“It’s not for me to say anything it’s his life, he can do what he wants.”

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