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Are Richie Strahan and Alex Nation another casualty in a post-Bachie world?

Please tell us the final petal hasn't fallen from this rose...
Richie Strahan and Alex Nation

Richie says Elijah already has won him over.

(Image: Network Ten)

It has officially been one month since that ill-fated day when Alex Nation and Richie Strahan were snapped looking, quite frankly, like the picture of doom.

The images were not good.

Alex and Richie had been, on what appeared to be a movie date, in the rope technician’s hometown of Perth.

Sadly the duo weren’t enjoying a happy ending to their outing.

Onlookers, lamp posts and anything with eyes couldn’t miss that the mother-of-one looked furious and was in tears after what looked like was a heated exchange.

We’ve reached out to both Alex and Richie about the status of their relationship, but the pair so far have remained silent… And it’s speaking volumes.

So until they post a cute couple selfie to let us know it’s all going to be OK, we take a deeper look into what is going on.

The last time Alex stepped out with Richie she looked devoed.

Clue Number 1: The date that broke them

On Wednesday, February 22, Richie and Alex were spotted leaving a cinema in Perth.

Any drama that may have played out on the screen, inside, seeped into their real life date. You can see the snaps from that day here

With no Bachie producers to help talk out the issue, the duo were beyond icy.

During the tense appearance, Alex kept a safe distance away from her boyfriend and the pair didn’t speak to each other.

The couple haven’t attended an official event together since the Australian Open back in January.

In reality TV star terms, it’s the equivalent of FIVE Bachie seasons later.

The pair fell in love on the fourth season of The Bachelor.

Clue Number 2: Their silent socials have fans worried

No double tap for these two.

No matter what anyone says, A LOT of thought goes into a public figure’s social media accounts.

Remember when fans noticed Drake started liking JLo’s Instagram posts and then suddenly BOOM! They were dating.

Their “relationship” may have lasted less than a Snapchat video, however, the way they made their new dalliance public was exceptionally calculated.

The same goes for when a romance turns sour. It’s been over six weeks since Alex shared or liked a photo of her Bachie beau.

While Richie’s last photo with Alex was a little over three week’s ago, it did appear to be a sponsored post… Which a tagged Alex did NOT like.

According to our relationship experts (AKA people in the office who are in relationships), not posting a selfie with a significant other can be excused… But not liking any posts your one true love shares is a completely different story.

Below are their last Instagram snaps together from several weeks ago…


Clue Number 3: Was it doomed from the beginning?

The Bachie couple faced a ridiculous amount of backlash for doing what every single human should have the right to do: Love.

Fans were gobsmacked when Nikki Gogan was left empty-handed at the end of the finale.

Despite everything, Nikki has stayed true to her angelic self and has nothing but praise for the woman who ended up with Richie.

Nikki Gogan

Nikki has nothing but kind words for Alex and Richie, regularly liking their snaps on Instagram.

She told us exclusively last year, “Alex is a beautiful girl. Even in the house, we respected each other enough to know that we were feeling serious feelings for Richie.”

“We became close and bonded over other things other than Richie. We had real friendship bonds. Even now, we’ve been keeping in touch. We genuinely want each other to be happy. We’ll always have this lifelong bond because no one has been through this, it’s just us!”

Both Alex and Richie ignored the public outcry, and focused on their relationship instead. But it hasn’t come without its challenges.

Nikki and Alex have remained friends.

Clue Number 4: Distance does not make the heart grow fonder

Just last month, Richie told us about the hardships of his romance.

With the 32-year-old based in Perth and the mum-of-one in Melbourne, the pair are doing long distance… Which is tough at the best of times, let alone being the reigning couple from Australia’s supreme reality TV show.

“For Alex and I, we’re working on moving [in together],” the Perth local told Now To Love.

“It’s a big process and it’s not easy moving states, finding a place… There’s an awful lot to it. I’m sure something will happen this year. It’s all really exciting!”


Richie admits long distance is hard work.

Could they have their happily ever after?

We know what you’re thinking… Somebody page Dr Love!

But there might not be any need for you pick up the phone and beg Osher to save the day.


Alex and Richie’s Bachie family have gone full mama bear on the couple and have hope for their future.

Keira may have once hoped to woo Rich, but these days she sees herself as one of Alex’s friends.

“Look, anything can change within a relationship. I’m not too sure what is happening but if that is true, then I hope they’re OK, because that sounds really horrible,” she told us.

Another one of Rich’s close pals also thinks they’ll be just fine.

During an exclusive chat with NTL, former Bachelorette Georgia Love said, “I had lunch with Alex last week, they are definitely still together!”

She may have been the show’s villain but Keira has nothing but kind words for Richie and Alex.

Georgia is good mates with both Richie and Alex.

“I believe they are actually going to a Grand Prix event tonight and over the weekend.”

Adding, “I mean they live on different sides of the country. He works long, long, long shifts, I mean in terms of weeks long shifts, so I think it is, it’s been really hard on them.”

The bubbly TV personality can certainly relate to the couple.

“I mean Lee and I get it enough ourselves. If we aren’t posting something together every single day people think we have broken up,” she told us.

“They don’t see each other for weeks on end because of their physical location so I think people just need to be a bit easier on the fact that they’re not always together, they can’t be.”

Twirl it out…

Such chemistry can’t fizzle!

Maybe it’s not time for Alex to throw her promise ring into the ocean just yet – although the bling was notably absent when Alex stepped out in Melbourne this month.

We do know Richie adores Alex’s six-year-old son Elijah and they’ve grown incredibly close.

Speaking of their friendship, he told us about wanting to be a strong figure in the six-year-old’s life, musing, “The little guy can always come to me.”

Now that’s all sorted, we can focus our attention on our new leading man…

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