Why Matty J will be THE BEST Bachelor we've ever had

Soz Tim, Blake, Sam and Richie but Matty has something none of you don't...

By Bella Brennan
Australia’s worst-kept secret is 100% out of the bag with the exciting revelation that Matty J has been whisked away by Ten’s producers and bundled off to a top-secret Bachie safe house.
On Monday, the dreamboat from Bondi tried to keep a low profile as he packed up his belongings and was carted off in a cab in Sydney.
Looking more like a runway model than a reality TV star, the 29-year-old was joined by a minder who overlooked his not-so-subtle getaway from the real world.
Even with his eyes shut MJ is perfection.
Look! An official "minder" - that's when you know shiz is getting real.
It’s believed season five of The Bachelor Australia will begin filming this week, and as a nation we take our Bachelors very seriously.
First there was Tim Robards, who was indeed a hunk of a man but lacking pizzazz. Then there was Blake Garvey, for which we have no comment.
After that, Australia really needed a win and we were presented with Sam Wood, who fast became our imaginary boyfriend until he fell for Snez and they lived happily ever after.
Last year, we thought Richie Strahan would be cool bananas but the magic from his Bachelorette days just didn't translate and he failed to carry his own show...
But now we have been gifted Matty J, and while he has a similar back story to Richie's, he has a certain edge we haven't seen in a Bachelor babe before.
After last year’s soul-destroying Bachelorette finale, we are particularly protective of Matty J and his washboard abs.
As we count down to Bachie season, something tells us this installment is going to be the best one yet because the 29-year-old is unlike any other frontman we’ve met before. Here’s why…
Matty J soaks up his last bit of freedom...
Behold, Matty J's luggage! We hope you packed lots of nourishing lip balm.

He's a little bit daggy and we love him for it

From the outside, it looks like Matty J is your typical Sydney scenester who is always hanging out at fancy events with Instagram models and Take 5 cover girls.
But dig a little deeper, and he's actually just an adorkable cutie at heart.
Who could forget when he dressed up as a magician and hosted a "get to know Matty J" quiz? Or the fact that he looks up to his older sister so much that he style stalks everything she does, even sharing her horse riding obsession when they were kids.
The moment we knew Matty J was our kind of guy. Also, bonus points for the top hat.

He's willing to put it all on the line for the Big L

Let's not forget, this is a man who has had his heart chewed up and spat out on national television.
Yet he's going to risk it all again, in a very public manner, in the hopes of meeting Mrs Matty J. Ain't love grand?
"It was definitely not the result that I wanted and a lot of heartache. But at the same time, there were so many amazing memories made that I’m going to cherish forever so I’d definitely do it again," Matty told us shortly after his eviction.
Last year, he also revealed he'd quit a brand-new dream job in the hopes of falling in love.
"I just moved back from London and I got a really great job as head of partnerships for Peugeot and I was there for about three weeks before I got a call from Channel Ten."
"So after going through six interviews with the company and online aptitude tests and psychiatric tests, I got the job. And then after three weeks I quit to do this, so I lost my job for the show," he explained at the time.
Poor poppet, 2017 is going to be the Year Of You.
The new Bachelor is currently at a Sydney-based hideaway before filming begins.
The model rocked a casual black-and-white look.
Bye Matty! Can't wait to watch you on the telly. (Pics/Diimex)

He's the world's cutest uncle and wants to make mini Matty Js asap

The Sydney local has made no secret of the fact he adores his nephew George and would love to start his only family soon.
"If Georgia and I could wave a magic wand, in six or seven years we'd be starting a family. Maybe with a boy at the beginning. I just hope the child gets her brains," he confessed before he split from the journalist.
Things didn't go to plan, but luckily Matty is a natural-born baby whisperer and continues to bless us with an ovary-bursting stream of photos featuring his divine nephew.
Plus a world with more mini Mattys would be a good world indeed...

He adores his mum

Mother lovers = good eggs, it’s as simple as that.
So good luck to the next batch of lucky ladies vying for Matty's heart, you have one hell of a catch in front of you!