Exclusive chat with Bachelorette runner-up Matty Johnson

A gutted Matty J tells us how he's coping in the aftermath of his Bachelorette heartbreak.

By Bella Brennan
It feels as though Australia has only just recovered from Richie Strahan's shock decision not to pick Nikki Gogan.
And now, the nation is shattered all over again after Georgia Love broke up with Matty J to pursue a relationship with Lee on Thursday night's grand finale of The Bachelorette Australia.
During the final rose ceremony, an emotional Georgia told the Sydney local that despite his amazing personality, she was unfortunately in love with someone else.
"I came here to fall in love. And I have... but it's with someone else," Georgia said. "I am so sorry because you are so amazing."
"I'm absolutely devastated. This has been the most unforgettable experience. It sucks you don't feel the same way but I'm so happy you've found what you're looking for. I really don't want to let you go ," a clearly rattled Matty said.
A devastated Matty wished Georgia all the best for the future before hugging her goodbye.
“It hurts a lot. You can’t help but feel like you have found one in a million and then lost it. I wish I didn’t love her right now. I wish you could flick a switch and stop having those feelings toward someone," the 30-year-old said.
“The positive you can take out of it is that she has found the man of her dreams. Even though it is not me, I am glad it has happened for her.”
We caught up with the gracious reality star to debrief on his wild ride.
It just wasn't meant to be...
How brutal was that final rose ceremony and goodbye?
It was a pretty awful day to be honest. Just filled with anxiety. In the days leading up to that in Singapore, I was so stressed out and I wasn’t getting much sleep. You kind of just want to know by this point! I’m a very impatient person so I didn’t enjoy it at all!
What kind of support do you guys get in the lead up to such an emotionally-charged event?
Yeah, even before you’re chosen to be on the show you have a couple of sessions with a psychologist who works on the show. Then that same psychologist is available the whole way through the show. So at any point you can speak to them and get support.In addition to that, you have a minder. Myself and Lee were kind of kept separate the entire time. We were each assigned a minder who kind of becomes your best friend in a way because you don’t have the support of your other friends and family from back home.
Did you check in with those services?
I didn’t speak to the psychologist. I mean, you do have a debrief afterwards, everyone does. But the minder who I had was someone that I spoke to quite a lot about the whole situation. They were a massive support to me at that process.
Australia is going to be devastated with this result, with many saying it’s Nikki all over again. How does that make you feel?
I guess one of my main concerns about going on the show was I hope people like me! I try to steer clear as best as I can from comments on social media but friends and family forward some nice ones across and give me an update of what people’s perception is.
To find out people were rooting for me is so amazing and I definitely didn’t expect it.
Why do you think you and Georgia didn’t work out?
It’s a hard one to pick. There was nothing to me that was a big red flag.
I think we’re pretty aligned on most things. I’d have to go back and dissect everything we went through to figure out if there was something that went wrong or if it was just a case of she liked me but it just wasn’t enough. Maybe it was too little too late.
Your sister was so protective and worried about you getting your heart broken, how does she feel in light of everything?
It was tough. She was more upset just knowing I was upset. There wasn’t any bitterness but my family will always be pretty biased and think that she chose the wrong guy.
You know when you see someone hurting and you wish there was something you could do but it’s a case of time will heal.
Would you be keen on being The Bachelor for 2017?
I dunno. I kind of feel like I’ve just finished a marathon and the moment I’ve stepped across the finish line, someone’s asked me if I want to do another one. My first response would be no.
Almost knowing what I’ve been through and the other guys have been through, there’s been so many broken hearts – to be responsible for that for other people, I think would be such a difficult job. At the moment I think no.
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How do you feel towards Lee now?
It was tough. He was actually one of the first people I messaged when I arrived back in Sydney. I just said I hope all is well and I wanted to let him know there are no hard feelings and I was happy for them.
We’ve spoken a couple of times, initially it was a bit tough because in a sense he’s the reason for my heartbreak. But Lee and I became really close throughout the show, you become each other’s support network and Lee was definitely that for me.
How hard was it to tell Georgia you’d fallen for her only to not end up with her?
When I watched it back I was like, ‘wow! I really was nervous wasn’t I?’ I didn’t want to play the safe route, I wanted to be completely honest with Georgia.
I kind of wish I was a little bit more smooth on the delivery, I kind of choked in the delivery of my words.
How do you feel about Georgia now?
It was hard because when I came back, what I wanted to do was forget and move on. When I saw the first preview for the show, I had to run to the TV and pull out the plug cause it was so hard to see her on TV.
It’s hard cause you’re reliving everything and you can’t help but miss her a huge amount. You’re seeing all your dates, with the music played over the top… It’s almost like you’re falling back in love.
Even my mum, who was the first person I told the result to, I was speaking to her last night and I kind of slipped up and incorrectly said that I’d won. And she thought I’d been tricking her the entire time! She was like, ‘You did win! You did win!’ I was like, ‘No it was a mistake, sorry mum.’
She’s been watching it back and she’s like ‘Watching you guys together, I can’t really see it ending any other way.’
"You can’t help but feel like you have found one in a million and then lost it."
Did you have to make any big sacrifices to star on the show?
Leaving my job! I just moved back from London and I got a really great job as head of partnerships for Peugeot and I was there for about three weeks before I got a call from Channel Ten.
So after going through six interviews with the company and online aptitude tests and psychiatric tests, I got the job. And then after three weeks I quit to do this.
Will you go back to that job or you back on the hunt?
Fortunately they tried to keep it open for as long as possible. After filming had ended, I called them back and they’d filled the job. So, I lost my job for the show!
How’s your support network been in helping you get through the break-up?
I’m so grateful! When I arrived back in Sydney, my mum was in town from Brisbane just by coincidence. To walk back into my sister’s home with her there and my mum there and my nephew. It meant everything because they’re part of the reason why it’s been a bit more manageable.
Do you think down the track you can be friends with Georgia again?
It would be nice to be on talking terms, definitely not every single day. It would be nice if we did bump into each other to have a conversation and it not to be awkward.
Even out of respect to Lee, I wouldn’t want to pursue a friendship. It just feels like it would be inappropriate to him and difficult to myself to try and move on at this time.
Are you still single or back into the dating scene?
No, not yet. I think that’s something I’m not going to rush into at the moment. I’m just enjoying focusing on work and friends and family.
Were you happy with your portrayal on the show? Is that who you are?
Yeah, I am really happy with it! It’s funny how accurate the show is to how the characters are in real life and how events played out.
Do you have any regrets, would you do it all over again?
Yeah it was definitely not the result that I wanted and a lot of heartache. But at the same time, there were so many amazing memories made that I’m going to cherish forever so I’d definitely do it again.
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