You'll never guess who this year's Bachelor is going to be...

We are so freakin' excited!

By Melanie Burton and Bella Brennan
For months now, we’ve been dying to know who is going to be cast as the next Bachelor.
So hold on to your roses ladies, because we may finally have an answer...
According to new reports, it's none other than all-round nice guy/dream boat/everyone's fantasy boyfriend, Matty J!
Yep, KIIS FM claim the former Bachelorette runner-up has been offered the position on the 2017 season, but producers have pretty much gagged him from talking about.
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Let’s be honest, ever since the day Georgia Love broke his heart on national TV, we’ve been hoping and praying he’d be back on our screens to find his own fairy-tale ending, and this might be his chance!

Here’s five signs that Matty J is defs the next Bachie…

According to KIIS, the Bondi local has apparently booked off three months from his job as a marketing exec. Hmmm, going away are you Matty?
He’s ALWAYS at A-list events – like the Polo in the City in November, Sydney's Laneway festival and most recently Ed Sheeran's gig in Nova's Red Room this week. Perhaps a ploy to keep his profile up and stay in the public eye?
He hasn’t had an official girlfriend since the show, and was super quick to hose down his fling with blonde beach babe Nathalie Darcas, who he was linked to in November.
When Now to Love asked his co-star and mate, Jake Ellis, about all the Matty Bachie buzz this week, he said: “I think you’ll have to stay tuned.” So basically - yes.

The oldest trick in the book – denial! He’s constantly said he wouldn’t do it, which is literally what happens every time. Err, remember how Sam Frost and Richie Strahan BOTH denied it? We can see right through you, Matty.
Pleaseeeeee be true!

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