EXCLUSIVE: The Bachelor 2016 runner-up Nikki Gogan tells all

The stunning reality star isn’t going to let a broken heart slow her down!

By Chloe Lal
She was tipped to win Richie’s heart and while Nikki Gogan was pipped at the post by 24-year-old single mum, Alex Nation, we’re guessing she’ll have no trouble finding that special someone.
Nikki, 28, had Richie along with the entire nation completely smitten with her vivacious personality and down-to-earth demeanour. With the girls from the house constantly singing her praise, describing her as “very genuine” – everyone thought the WA beauty had Richie for keeps.
The 28-year-old assured herself just moments before hearing Richie’s decision, “I feel it’s me. Every ounce of me says it’s me!”
Watch the moment Richie RUINS EVERYTHING and find out how Australia plus Guy Sebastian rallied behind Nikki... Interview below!
“What I feel for Richie is like nothing I’ve ever felt before. He’s the one I want to do life with. Do I get to be that girl who gets to be the one at the end and live happily ever after? Do I get to be that lucky?”
According to Mr Cool Bananas, that’s a no.
“You’re like no woman I’ve ever met before,” he said, giving her unwarranted hope.
“Going on this adventure, my family gave me some advice,” he admitted.
“And that advice was to follow my heart. And, Nikki, I really hope you understand but my heart is with Alex.”
And in one swift move Richie tore out Nikki’s AND Australia’s heart.
“So yeah ... I don’t have his heart, that’s all,” she sobbed in the car ride home afterwards.
Immediately, the nation wept for Nikki and social media erupted. Many were quick to draw comparisons between Nikki and 2003 Australian Idol runner-up Shannon Noll.
And it didn't take long for fans to label Richie was the new Blake Garvey. Meanwhile, Bachelorette beauty Sam Frost, who dated Richie last year, had no words for her one time love.
Even Guy Sebastian was mortified, as he acknowledged his secret shame, robbing Shannon Noll of his rightful title as Australia’s Idol.
But time heals all wounds and now Nikki can finally speak out about her adventure on the dating show.
From finding love, being friends with Alex and whether she’d go on the Bachelorette, the sunny girl from Perth left nothing off the table during our exit chat with her!
How do you feel now that your Bachelor experience is over?
I’m excited! It’s been such a big part of this year and I think one day I will be able to look back at it as a beautiful piece in time. And look back on it fondly. I’m excited for the next chapter now. The last six months have been amazing but I’m ready for what’s next.
Do you think you found love?
There’s no doubt I was head over heels. I felt ALL THE FEELS! [Laughs] There was no question that I was definitely very loved up.
She thought she found her fairytale... But Richie had other plans!
Telling someone you love them is hard but doing it on national TV is so brave! Did you find it hard to share your feelings with the cameras rolling?
The TV part was the last thing on my mind. I just wanted to go with my feelings. And whether Rich felt what I felt, I don’t know that – and he couldn’t say so! So it took the pressure off in a weird way. I had no reservation telling him how I felt. Richie had to take my feelings, he had no choice.
Was it hard watching yourself back?
Oh God yes! I mainly watched the show with friends and family which was all fun – besides one episode which was with 170 people. Watching the home visit episode back with my loved ones was really special.
We actually watched it at my aunt’s place – where I took Richie for the home visit. When I was watching it back I couldn’t stop bouncing around, like my family had to give me my own chair because my leg was tapping like crazy, jumping around… I should have videoed myself watching it!
The nation adored your family, especially Snowy! Did you expect that?
Snowy made me feel so special! I know that he just adores my sister and l love him for loving her like that. But to know that he loves me and is protective of me, that makes me feel really special.
Richie was hit with Nikki's family, especially Snowy [Far Right]
Would you do anything differently?
Absolutely not!
Would you do the Bachelorette?
Ummm, I don’t know? I’m sorry! I really don’t know. Especially with everything that has happened. I’m just not at the point to really think about it just yet.
You were a clear favourite both in the house and across the nation; did that add any pressure to your relationship?
No, because the girls weren’t open about what they thought while they were in the house. I was vaguely aware but everyone was guarded with how they felt.
Nothing was ever really said to me and I didn’t want to be rude to any of the girls. It’s flattering that they thought I was the one for Richie, but at no point did I think “I’ve got this in the bag!” I just knew I liked being around him. I was the happiest I’ve ever been.
Was Richie the man you were looking for?
I didn’t pigeon hole myself with a “type." I never thought this type of guy existed. He blew my mind in what he is!
Their connection was undeniable.
The nation completely fell in love with you! Fans commented on how you and Richie seemed to have a very genuine relationship and it looked very organic. Whereas Alex and Richie seemed to be more about their sexual chemistry – how did that play out in reality?
I wasn’t comparing Alex and Richie to Nikki and Richie. I didn’t really see their relationship that much.
Keeping in mind all their cocktail party chats were out of sight for us – not that I would have been focusing on that. However it wasn’t something I could see, so that made it a little easier for me.
I’ve got to focus on me and Richie. It all came completely naturally and it was so organic. We weren’t acting – it was normal, I felt that it was always meant to be that way.
The stunning Perth girl is adored by the nation and there's already whispers that she'll be next year's Bachelorette.
Khalia, Rachael and Sophie were Nikki's Bachie besties.
Being in the top two with Alex, what is your relationship like with her now?
We’ll definitely be friends! Alex is a beautiful girl. Even in the house, we respected each other enough to know that we were feeling serious feelings for Richie.
And we knew not to rub that in each other’s faces. Instead, we became close and bonded over other things other than Richie. We had real friendship bonds.
Even now, we’ve been keeping in touch. It was so good to see her yesterday and we genuinely want each other to be happy. We’ll always have this lifelong bond because no one has been through this, it’s just us!
Nearly all the girls cited you as their best friend in the house, who was yours?
I had a couple close friends, I adore Rach! We were roomies. We used to go to bed every night and talk in the dark. It’s a true genuine friendship with Rach.
I adore Sophie and [intruder] Khalia. We only spent a small amount of time together but she and I just hit it off! And of course I’ll always have my bond with Alex. I have time for all the girls.
WATCH: All the drama in the house! Post continues...
Have you heard about reports that Megan and Tiffany are in a relationship? Did you notice a spark between them in the house?
They definitely have a special bond from the moment they met – they’re great friends!
Was the Bachelor mansion what you had expected? Had you watched the show before?
No! I had no idea what to expect. I had never watched the show. I had seen it passing but I had never seen Richie. I had no expectations.
Even if I did – there’s no way you could be prepared for that type of crazy ride. I’m glad I didn’t have any preconceived ideas because was like nothing I could have ever imagined.
What was the most challenging thing?
I missed out on my sister’s engagement which was so hard. That was a really tough day for me. But I’ll be there for the wedding.
Nikki and Richie on their first meeting...
It quickly blossomed into love!
What was the best thing to come out of this experience?
My hometown visit was the best day of my life.
How will this experience affect your love life going forward? Are you open to dating again?
I don’t think it will change anything! I will continue to feel all the feels.
Would you recommend the Bachelor as a good way to find love?
I definitely would. If you’re genuinely hoping to find your person and are completely open to a crazy, unforgettable and once in a lifetime type of adventure – then yes!
What’s next for you?
Anything can happen. It’s the next chapter and I can’t wait - it’s so exciting. I’m open to anything. I’ll be heading home and being with the people that matter the most to me in the world!

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