Everyone’s favourite love doctor Osher Gunsberg joins I’m A Celeb!

Osher Gunsberg and his incredible hair are heading to the jungle, and Now To Love were lucky enough to catch up with the Bachelor star ahead of his arrival.

By Chloe Lal and Bella Brennan
Beloved Bachelor host and newly married star, Osher Gunsberg, is heading deep into the jungle.
Yep, the man with the world's most manicured mop will be joining the show on Sunday night's episode. But, naturally, there's a twist - Osher will be bringing along a surprise new guest, who is set to shake up camp life more dramatically than a last-minute Bachie intruder.
Online, fans have begun to speculate who exactly that could be with many hoping he brings along a former Bachelor or Bachelorette contestant.
The big names tipped to join? Sam Frost, who recently split from boyfriend Sasha, dreamboat and all-round legend Matty J, resident sass cat Keira Maguire, Bachelorette star Georgia Love, and the nation's new first daughter, Nikki Gogan.
More rogue guesses include MAFS runaway bride Lauren, cricket-player-turned-Bollywood-boy Brett Lee, former rugby league player Willie Mason and bad boy tennis ace Nick Kyrgios.
During his stay, the modern-day Richard Mercer will be bringing a sprinkling of love and delivering messages to the celebs from their loved ones on Valentines Day next Tuesday, February 14.
Before Osher jetted off to South Africa, he sat down with NTL to talk about the jungle, the ~mystery~ guest, all things Bachie 2017, married life, and of course that flawless hair...
You’re about to do something seriously crazy, how do you feel?
I am super excited. I was in South Africa a few years ago with Bachelor and it’s a beautiful, beautiful country. And to get to go and be a part of I’m A Celeb is so exciting. I love that it’s live! Julia and Chris are magnificent people to work with.
I believe I will be the first person that isn’t Chris or Julia that the camp have seen in about three weeks. Every time they see Chris or Julia it’s for something scary or something disgusting. I’m hoping I’m neither of those things. It will be nice to be there.
Do you have any favourite contestants?
I think Casey Donovan will take it out.
As Australia’s resident love connoisseur and Bachie king, both Tzopriah and Casey have been really honest about their struggle with finding love – will your role in the camp have something to do with love?
To be honest, I don’t know what my role is. I’ve got history with both of the ladies. Casey and I worked together during Idol.
And Tzopriah and I both knew each other when we had different names. It will be lovely to see both of them again. Once my official duties are done, it will be lovely to sit down and have chat with them.
It doesn’t sound like you’ll be living in the camp?
I don’t know at this stage! It’s been banging around that I might be staying a night. I’m not afraid of staying in the jungle. It will be totally fine.
I guess the only thing is that I’m quite a fussy eater. I only eat plants. So you tend to put a lot of interesting stuff in your mouth on the show. Hope I don’t have to do any of that.
You recently tied the knot, how’s your wife Audrey dealing with you leaving for the jungle?
She’s dealing with me leaving by coming to South Africa with me! I’m really excited. I traded in a seat in the front for two seats in the back.
At the moment I’m living in Brisbane during the week, so I only see the girls (Audrey and her daughter Gigi) on the weekends, back in Sydney. They literally get used to me being in the house and then I’m gone again.
It will be really nice to spend some time with Audrey. It would’ve been great if we could take Gigi but she has this school thing.
We were going to say, it’s your first V-day as a married couple – how is she dealing with you being away. But it looks like you’ve got that all sorted!
I’ll still be working from first thing in the morning and then I’m still doing my radio show from 10:30pm-1am because of the time difference. Hopefully we get some time together.
Is married life is different?
It’s more wonderful! It’s not only changed my relationship with Audrey, it’s also changed with Georgia as well. It’s a stronger foundation. It’s really nice – there’s a really strong foundation. Actually the dog doesn’t give a s---[laughs].
The dog barks on literally everything on TV [sighs]. I don’t know what to do with the dog. I’ll have to talk to Dr Chris about it!
How do you think the celebrities will deal with you and the person you’re bringing with you to the jungle?
I only believe I’m going in. I don’t know anything else! I think it’s just me as far as I know.
Are you sure you’re not bringing anyone else in?
Ten knows more than me! Maybe they want to surprise me as well? [Laughs]
What does this laugh mean, Osher!?
I really don’t know!
Ok, so no news re: the mystery celeb but do you have any goss on the next series of Bachelor and Bachelorette?
I know less about this season of the Bachelor and Bachelorette than I have compared to any other time in the past! It is under such lock and key.
Normally there’s all kinds of pre-meeting and a coffee catch up with the The Bach and Osher – so that we can get to know each other. None of that has happened…
Are you gunning for anyone in particular for the next two series? (Cough, Nikki. Cough, Matty J) Or would you like some new blood?
I would LOVE to see… Well, America did it once. They brought in a guy who actually left two girls at the end. And then brought him back for another season.
So on the back of that, I’d love to see us bring Blake Garvey back. I don’t know if Australia is ready. [Groaning from this reporter]
Hey! Everyone deserves a second chance. He doesn’t deserve to be painted in that light for the rest of his life. And people definitely change. I firmly believe Blake deserve a chance. Maybe Sasha is throwing the scent off by heading to LA.
I really don’t know ANYTHING! You’ll have to ask the guys at Warner Brothers. All I know is that I have a call time and start date.
Osher gave his winning rose to Bachelor make-up artist Audrey and the pair married at the start of the year.
Have you kept in touch with the former Bachie stars?
Yes! Tim and Anna and Sam and Snez both came to my wedding which was really nice and super fun.
What about Sam Frost?
Umm, as much as I can. She’s a very busy lady and she’s been going through a lot. But she and I have been keeping in touch and I check in with her to see if everything is all right.
We thought she might be joining you in the jungle, a holiday would be EXACTLY what she needs
Like I told you, I have no idea who else is going in.
Well, God speed Osher! We can’t WAIT to see you in the jungle
I’m looking forward to it. And I’m really grateful for another chance to wear a three-piece suit in inappropriate climates.
I have a lot of experience in doing that – like on a 42 degree day in Bali with Richie and Alex, Tim and Anna in Thailand. Who could forget that stinking hot night in Singapore?
Your hair always looks spectacular, even in the harsh elements. As long as the hair is on point, we’ll be happy!
That’s the real reason why I’m bringing Audrey with me… She was my make-up artist on Bachie. No, that’s a lie! I’m taking a radio engineer in with me so I can do [radio show] Love Line in the jungle.
To find out the surprise new team member, tune into I'm A Celeb on Channel Ten on Sunday night at 7:30pm