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Bridal shopping with Olivia Newton John and Chloe!

Olivia Newton-John wants everything to be perfect for her ‘little girl’ when she ties the knot and she couldn’t wait to take Chloe shopping for a dress!
It seems like only yesterday Australia’s favourite daughter, Olivia Newton-John, was welcoming baby Chloe Lattanzi into the world. So it’s hard for us to believe that in a few months she will watch Chloe walk down the aisle into the arms of future husband James Driskill.
In true Olivia fashion, this rite of passage is being celebrated and relished, and the girls are busy planning an intimate wedding that will showcase Chloe’s personality. Wedding-dress shopping has begun in earnest, and Olivia is helping her daughter with the details of planning a dream wedding. Woman’s Day was invited along to share in their adventure in Los Angeles…
“It’s coming together slowly but surely,” says Chloe, 25, as she and Olivia, 62, pay a visit to Hartnell, the beautiful bridal salon of designer Hanna Hartnell in Santa Monica. “I had no idea how difficult it would be, down to the smallest details of the colour of the flowers, the tablecloth and even the type of silverware. The fun stuff is planning who is going to be there, picking out the dress and the venue and who the DJ is going to be for the after-party.
“The most important thing for me is that everyone I love will be there and that we have a great night,” she adds. Olivia sees her role as supporting Chloe and James, 27, in any way she can as they head towards their big day – and you can tell she is soaking up every moment of it! “As mother of the bride, I am looking forward to helping Chloe plan the many aspects of her wedding, and just being there to help her make it the day she and James envision for themselves,” she says.
Chloe’s visit to Hartnell helped her envisage the direction she’ll take with her wedding dress. “In fact, the first dress I tried on is very close,” she confides to Woman’s Day. “It fit me perfectly and it’s definitely along the lines of what I have been thinking about. “I want something which is not frou-frou or pouffy. I’m going to be semi-traditional.

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