The Bachelorette Australia

The Bachelorette’s Ivan baffles viewers by blending two whole avocados

'I'd never cut one up before!'

By Tina Burke
If you tuned in to The Bachelorette Australia halfway through tonight's episode, you would have been forgiven for thinking it was a low-budget rendition of MasterChef. Why? Because our dear Bachelor Ivan was seen whipping up an avocado mousse for Ali Oetjen.
The simple recipe called for "2 large ripe avocados" to be blended and technically – technically – he didn't do anything wrong, but what Ivan did with those avocados has left mouths gaping across this great southern land.
Ivan put two avos, skin and pit included, into a blender and followed the recipe's directions to "blend until smooth."
Ivan sets foot into his first kitchen ever, maybe...
... where he decides to blend two whole avocados.
The avocados are not blending FOR SOME REASON.
Yes, Ivan blended to his heart's content, much to the dismay of Ali and Bill who were trying to have a deep and meaningful convo in the other room.
We spoke to Ivan about his heartbreaking exit from the mansion (read that chat here) but we had to take a quick moment to ask him this very important question: Had he ever seen an avocado before?
"I've seen it on my toast and you know, in a breakfast meal, but I'd never physically cut one up myself," Ivan says, laughing.
"But I have now, though, I have!" he says.
Ivan's avocado blunder was a hit with viewers, who labelled his culinary gaffe 'hilarious.'
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