The Bachelor Australia

Who went home on The Bachelor Australia?

The women at The Rose Ceremony left with empty hands and empty hearts. Sob!

By Bettina Tyrrell
"You did not receive a rose," says the host of The Bachelor Australia Osher Gunsberg to the only woman at the cocktail party without a single red rose in her hand.
But on his journey to find The One, The Bachelor's Nick Cummins, 30, has to break some hearts, 24 to be exact.
Yet, let's not feel too sorry for The Honey Badger, it's who got sent home from The Bachelor mansion that week we should be sending crying Emoji faces to.
So as we tune in to yet another season of the dating series, let's spare a moment for the ladies who didn't make a mark on the Bachie's heart, especially the women who were told to hit the road early on, we barely knew your names!
We can only hope they'll wash up on the shores of Bachelor in Paradise.
Here week by week, we list who went home on The Bachelor Australia.
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There can only be one!


Episode 8: After a tearful chat with Nick, Tenille made the choice to leave the mansion before the rose ceremony.
"I thought to myself, if I was to go in to the rose ceremony tonight I could potentially get through the night, but I just didn't see me being there at the end," says Tenille.
"I just made the decision for him but it would have happened sooner or later. I couldn't compete with the other girls," she tells TV WEEK.
Tenille, 25, QLD.
Episode 7:Former Olympic swimmer Deanna may have had a lot in common with sporty Nick, but after her lie detector test where she didn't open up, she was sent on her way.
Deanna, 28, SA.


Episode 6: Rhiannon came onto The Bachelor Australia to find love. But unfortunately after an awkward kiss attempt and a lack of chemistry, Nick sent her home.
Rhiannon, 28, QLD.


Episode 5: Despite remaining poised under pressure in a showdown with this season's villains, PE teacher Blair became the 11th person eliminated from the running for the Honey Badger's heart.
She took the blow with grace, but shared one last warning: "It's a little bit frustrating that there are certain people in the house like Romy that haven't been completely kind to everybody, but I'm sure Nick will find these things out in due time."
Blair, 27, QLD


EPISODE 4: In a fairly spectacular exit, children's entertainer Steph stared down Nick and declared, "I can't believe I shaved my legs for this". While yogi Aleksandra departed peacefully.
Steph, 23, VIC
Aleksandra, 31, VIC
EPISODE 3: It was a farewell to Kayla, Cayla and Christina. But, energy healer Cayla (with a 'C') didn't leave the mansion without warning Nick of the "inauthentic" girls, like Cat and Romy, who she claims were only on the show for fame.
Kayla, 25, SA
Cayla, 27, QLD
Christina, 23, QLD

Week 1

EPISODE 2: Bondi Rescue babe Juliana and business analyst Renee were sent packing during the second cocktail party of the season.
Renee, 30, VIC
Juliana, 29, NSW
EPISODE 1: They came, they sipped their champas, they went home. Nick was short three roses during the premiere episode of The Bachelor. Susie, Autumn and Urzula never even got to unpack their suitcases!
Suzie, 30, NSW
Autumn, 29, VIC
Urszula, 34, VIC