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Blair hits back at The Bachelor Australia villain Romy

‘He deserves better.’

By Tina Burke
Blair became the 11th person eliminated from The Bachelor Australia tonight, in a tense episode where she was praised for her grace under pressure in a showdown with this season's villains.
The 27-year-old PE teacher won herself a bevy of fans over the last two weeks, as she patiently and rationally faced the "tripod" of Romy, Cat, and Alisha.
The tripod have found themselves in several, shall we say, 'situations' over the first five episodes of this season.
In tonight's episode, Blair accidentally overheard Romy 'throwing Cass under the bus' during a discussion with Nick's sister Bernadette.
"I think she's already in love with him coming in to this. She's really struggling. I feel like she's desperate, and I think that's the emotional immaturity," Romy said to Bernadette, as they sat within earshot of Blair's bedroom.
Blair mentioned what she heard to Cass, and when Romy found out the beans had been spilled, the tripod approached Blair, Brittany and Cass in the house.
Romy entered the room ready for a fight.
In the same fashion as Cat and Alisha's fight in a previous episode, Romy approached the situation by telling Blair she had no class and loudly accusing her of being in the wrong.
"I feel like she was arguing with herself most of the time, hey? It was like an echo in the room," Blair says.
"I couldn't get a word in. I was trying, and trying, and then I started to get annoyed because she wasn't letting me say anything," she tells TV WEEK.
"Cass didn't like what Romy had said about her anyway, so there was no need for an argument. Romy just needed to apologise and go 'oh sorry, I didn't mean it in that way' and then none of that would have happened."
Blair maintains she did not intentionally set out to eavesdrop, saying Romy was "trying to shift the blame" on to her "as if it was my fault for hearing her when I was in my bedroom."
Interestingly, at a later point in the episode when Cat found out she had been mentioned to Bernadette by some of the other contestants, the tripod labelled it "really unfair".
"Yeah there were a lot of double standards when it came to the tripod. Everything was alright for them to do, but not for other people to do," Blair reveals.
As the episode proves, Blair was not the only woman to vocalise her concerns about the tripod.
Cayla pulled Nick aside to "warn" him after her elimination last week, and tonight several of the other women said something similar to Bernadette during their chats. So was Blair frustrated that Nick was keeping them around?
"Romy is a very pretty girl so I wasn't too surprised [she kept getting roses] but at the same time I thought maybe, he's not there all the time, but maybe if he was in our house and saw the way they were acting and the way they were towards other people then maybe they wouldn't have gotten a rose for so many weeks," she says.
Romy, who is listed as a photo-shoot director on the show, has worked as an actress and was posting about her acting work on social media as recently as July 2017. Of learning this since leaving the mansion, Blair says she's not surprised.
"I thought that was interesting! I wasn't that shocked to tell you the truth we saw a lot of different personalities and a lot of different feelings shown from her," Blair says.
"So I thought maybe she was doing that because she wants to start acting again. Show them she could be angry, she could be mad, she could be sad, she could be this or that… maybe she was auditioning for something."
As for who Blair hopes wins the heart of our Bachelor, she says she'd be more than happy if it was a "handful" of the girls.
"I'd love for it to be Shannon, Sophie, Cassie, or Brittany. I'd love for it to be one of those girls, that would be really nice," she says.
"As long as it's not any of the tripod. I feel like he deserves a little bit better than that."
The Bachelor Australia airs Wednesday and Thursday, 7:30pm on Network Ten.

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