The Bachelor Australia

The Bachelor Nick Cummins dodges his first kiss like he dodges a defender on the footy field

'Romy came in hot!'

By Bettina Tyrrell
A lot of significance is placed on winning the Bachelor Australia "firsts", such as the first single date or the first kiss and this year is no different.
The first date with the Bachelor Nick Cummins, 30, went to adorable Shannon Baff, who with her giggly personality and ocker drawl had the nation -- and seemingly Nick -- falling in love with her.
As for the first kiss, that might still be up for grabs, depending who you ask.
The second episode of the series saw Romy, 29, desperately try to steal a smooch from Nick, more than once, in fact, four times! Talk about cringey.
Romy was desperate to score the first kiss from Nick.
Shannon received the first date with the Badgelor.
From the get-go Romy, a photoshoot director, made it clear that she was going to win that first lip lock.
"I want to be the first girl to kiss Nick, I have dibs on him first," she announces to camera before adding, with a sneer, "The other girls better get out of the way."
When Shannon returns from her date with Nick a little giddy with a rose in hand, the girls immediately ask if they shared a pash.
Shannon reveals she stood by her morals and didn't kiss on the first date, what she didn't spill was how a many times a smitten Nick kissed her cheek, possibly hoping for more.
Romy is thrilled by this news quipping to camera: "I think in a game like this you have to jump in when you can, and to say you don't kiss on the first date is silly."

The uncomfortable neck kissing

As if by fate (also known as reality TV magic,) Romy is given the second single date with Nick, where he takes her to his uncle's pizza restaurant in Sydney's Manly.
After some flirty pizza-making fun, Romy and Nick settle into a couch for some red wine and intimate chats.
Nick offers Romy a rose, which in her eyes is the green light to go in for a pash.
Nick, used to dodging unwanted attention on the footy field, dipps his head and her lips land at his neck where she smooches for a while before eventually making her way to his face and lips where she scores a peck.
"Romy came in for a kiss with pace," Nick tells the camera with disbelief. "She came in hot, real hot."
"Only thing for me is that I like to hold off a bit and establish a real connection and try and make it more meaningful," Nick adds.
Nick, trying to drop a hint on Romy suggests they "turn it down a notch".
He tells her stuttering, "It's about love and I would hate to hurt anyone's feelings, it's not my thing."
Meanwhile Romy has a second attempt at kissing Nick's neck.
Things escalate on the sofa.
Romy goes in for a kiss, while Nick's face says it all.
Nick begins to back away.
Romy steals a tiny, awkward kiss from Honey.
Watch Romy go in for a pash with Nick below!

Romy lies about the kiss

A seemingly triumphant Romy returns to the Bachelor Mansion hand-in-hand with Nick in time for the cocktail party where according to Sophie she, "was running around like a headless chook, treading on a lot of peoples toes."
Putting on a show, Romy hangs off Nick and goes in for a kiss in front of all the girls. She gets his cheek and the pair are stuck in an awkward cheek pecking scenario.
Watch the moment below!
Romy is thrilled to reveal to the other girls vying for Nick's heart that she kissed their man first on their date.
"It was the right time and the right moment to do it. It wasn't tacky. It wasn't forced. Obviously we weren't in the most organic environment, but it was such an organic kiss," she lies to the girls.
"Yeah, we had a really romantic kiss. It was hot, a great kiss," Romy boasts.
Brooke was not impressed.
Cass's heart shattered a little.
Shannon shed some tears in the toilet soon after.
Romy, who is also an actress, admits she is in her element letting the girls know about their 'kiss', until she realises her Honey is having a great time chatting to Tenille in the garden.
Naturally she has to step in and whisk Nick away to another couch where they share a touchy-feely moment and again Romy goes in for a kiss, much to the shock of the girls in the mansion.
Watch Romy's fourth attempt at a smooch with the Bachelor below!

What do the girls think of Romy's 'kiss' with Nick?

Hot off the heels of the cocktail party, NW had a chat with some of the girls to ask them what they thought of Romy's romantic antics at the cocktail party.
Dasha, the Russian beauty says she didn't really see the lip action but reveals it's all fun and games when it comes to love.
"A girl's going to do what a girl's going to do, if it was the perfect moment…"
We're not sure it was, Dasha.

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