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The Bachelor Nick Cummins' most profound quotes which prove he's a man in love

There's a much more spiritual side to Nick than meets the eye. And if you read between the lines, it looks like this footy-player-turned-reality-star is head-over-heels in love...

By Bella Brennan
On paper, you might think you have The Bachelor's Nick Cummins all figured out.
But the ex-Wallaby winger insists he's anything but a stereotypical footy head.
"All of a sudden you've been painted with this brush of being a rugby player or because of a TV ad and all of a sudden you're not sure what they're there for. Is it because you're a good bloke or do they want to be seen with someone who's on TV?" Nick told the Northern Star of his perceived reputation.
"When these girls go in they don't know who the Bachelor is and there's no internet in there. We all get a fresh start from day one and they can take me for who I am."
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Host Osher Gunsberg also attests there's a lot more to the Honey Badger than meets the eye.
"What will surprise people most I think is that he's a very self-aware man, a very spiritual man, and lives life with a conscious awareness that you probably wouldn't expect from a professional footballer," Osher explained.
And as we countdown to Wednesday's premiere episode, Nick Cummins has been dropping little hints along that way that he's a man in love.
While he might be well-known for his Ocker one-liners, our larrikin Bachelor also has a very romantic side.
Keep reading to check out Nick Cummins' most loved-up, swoon-worthy quotes that make us think he's definitely met The One on The Bachelor!
No airs or graces: Our Bachelor is happiest in the outback, camping underneath the stars.
On his perfect partner: "If I had to draw my perfect girl on paper, I would draw words: unconditional, free, independent. It wouldn't be about physical features." NW
On proposing on television: "For me, it's definitely possible! Diamonds aren't included, because I think it's a business venture and good marketing. [I'd] probably propose with a burger ring." OK!
On love at first sight: "I believe in love at first sight. Even if you don't believe it, you will when it happens to you." NW
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Nick gauges a potential love interest based off their energy.
On having the ultimate connection: "I believe you can fall in love with someone without sleeping with them. For me, love is the absence of judgement. It's a feeling that is unconditional... You can have love for a soul than you don't want to ruin with human sexual activities. You can just be so happy to have met them... And then there is the other side, where it is mainly more of a physical thing and not much else. That golden one is where both are combined." NW
On fate and The Bachelor: "I think there is a higher power. Me being there, and the girls being there at that time – that's what's meant to be. And the girl I'm meant to be with is meant to be in there." TV WEEK
On love: "Without giving too much away, I've got a much better understanding now of what love is to me." NW
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On marriage: "For me marriage is a union of two souls who are aligned and can deliver their purpose to the world while being together. It's nothing to do with a piece of paper or a diamond ring. It would be a celebration. But it would depend on the girl and what her family believe in and all those sorts of things." NW
On the most romantic thing he's ever done: "I knew she was going away for a bit. So I thought we could make a constellation out of the stars. So wherever she is and wherever I am, we could both look up at the same thing at the same time." OK!
On what he brings to a relationship: "I believe I'm pretty fair. I'm very spiritual, so I understand energy. I think that's really important in a relationship. If she comes home and she's upset and says she's fine, but you can feel her energy and work out what it is just by sitting next to her, then that's a good thing. It shows there's a connection between you." OK!

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