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The Bachelor Australia's Tenille opens up about her heartbreaking exit

'I just made the decision for him, but it would have happened sooner or later.'

By Tina Burke
In heartbreaking scenes at Bachie mansion, Tenille walked out of the house and away from Nick in tonight's episode of The Bachelor Australia.
The 25-year-old brunette beauty struggled to connect with Nick in the strange dating environment, and her 'emotional distance' was further put on the spot by a lie detector test in the previous episode.
Tonight, after a tear-filled chat with Nick, Tenille made the choice to leave the mansion before the rose ceremony. Nick, who was visibly upset by the decision, told the cameras he was "crushed" before heading home, leaving Osher to wrap up the cocktail party.
Though she has no regret over her decision, Tenille has wondered what would have happened if she stayed.
"I thought to myself, if I was to go in to the rose ceremony tonight I could potentially get through the night, but I just didn't see me being there at the end," says Tenille.
"I just made the decision for him but it would have happened sooner or later. I couldn't compete with the other girls," she tells TV WEEK.
"I wasn't in love with him – though I could see the possibility of that happening down the track – I really liked him and obviously after leaving I've been going through it in my mind like, oh god, what could have happened if I did stay? Would things have been different? Should I have just stuck it out and seen?"
Tenille's decision to leave followed on from a rather uncomfortable conversation with Nick at the cocktail party.
While Tenille made it clear she was willing to open up if he spent more time talking with her, Nick ultimately made the point that The Bachelor environment doesn't always allow for that to happen.
"I wanted to get across to him that I do like you, and I do want to be here. I am here for the right reasons and I'm liking where things are going with us. I understand that in the situation we were in there's not a lot of time but I wanted to get across to him that I'm happy to be standing there. It obviously just didn't come out right," Tenille says.
Addressing the 'opening up' issue, Tenille says she struggled to be as forthcoming as the other women in the house, though admits she found it frustrating Nick did not actually ask her why she was so reserved.
"I do keep people at arm's length," Tenille admits. "But I stood my ground in that, if he wants to break that wall down he will approach me and talk to me and if he doesn't then that's fine."
"I said to Nick that night, I am more than happy to open up!" she continues.
"The whole opening up thing kind of confuses me because, I'm like ask me anything and I will give you a truthful answer. Like I don't really understand the whole 'I want you to open up' like… about what? Specifically what do you want me to open up about?"
Tenille says goodbye to Nick.
Though she was heartbroken to leave the mansion, Tenille says Nick has his pick of the bunch with the lovely Bachelorettes.
"I think every single one of those girls in the house, now, is more than genuine," she says. "I know they really do care about him and they want to be there. All of them are so beautiful and I could really see him with any one of those girls."
We're sad to see the lovely Tenille go home... but are we the only ones lowkey hoping she's the star of The Bachelorette Australia in 2019?
The Bachelor Australia airs Wednesday and Thursday, 7:30pm, on Network Ten.

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