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The Bachelor Australia's Romy says she's the victim of online bullying after THAT kiss with Nick

''We did actually kiss!''

By NW team
While the The Bachelor Australia trio, Alisha Aitken-Radburn, Cat Henesy and Romy Poulierare, are fine to own up to the "villain" tag, the one thing they're not coping with is the online bullying as a result.
Brissie resident Romy tells NW she has been inundated with hate following her neck nuzzle and kiss with Nick on their single date early on.
"I understand how the audience saw aggression in that kiss, but it wasn't like that," she says.
Romy leans on her Bachie girl gang for support. "If one falls, we all fall!" she says.
Romy adds: "[The audience] only saw a short amount of our date and they were very quick to judge that I was forceful."
"They didn't see the whole thing, and slut-shaming someone because of an action on a reality TV show was quite hurtful," she admits, claiming the worst thing someone has messaged her is, "Go slit your wrists," and, "My parents should be ashamed of me."
And while Romy has copped a lot of flack for "forcing" herself onto Nick, she tells NW she and Nick did kiss at his uncle's pizza place in Manly!
"I understand how serious consent is," she says. "We had a really good time. We did actually kiss, but whether or not that was shown in fullness..."
Romy says the audience didn't see the entirely of her date with Nick.
When asked whether she believes Nick should speak out in her defence, Romy laughs.
"I don't think he would be bothered," she says.
Not that they seem worried about Nick's thoughts! In fact, Cat suggests she's not even attracted to the Bachelor. "It is more of a prawn situation," she harshly declares.
"I am serious! It is more of a good body... but anything [from the] shoulder up is debatable."
"I'm upset that my fun and vibrant personality that I think I offer hasn't be shown as much, but it is what it is," says Cat.
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