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That's hot! MAFS Jessika and Martha headed for 'The Simple Life'

Now THIS is a show we'd LOVE to watch.

By NW team
While the MAFS experiment is nearing its end - noooooo! –we could be seeing Martha and Jess back on our screens very soon.
Yep, word on the street is the ride-or-die besties are hoping to land their own reality show in the same vein of The Simple Life! Um, yaaasss!
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"They're shopping around the idea of them doing a Simple Life-style show, travelling around Australia, doing odd jobs and mingling with country folk," an insider tells of the Paris-and-Nicole wannabees.
"Jess being a total fish out of water on Mick's farm during the home-stay gave them the inspo."
It's no secret that Jessika is looking to extend her five-minutes of fame after the show wraps.
In fact, back in January, an ex-boyfriend spoke out about the admin assistant's involvement on the show.
Martha and Jess living the simple life... (Image: NW)
Jessika is searching for the next big opportunity once MAFS wraps. (Image: Instagram @jessika_power)
"She purely, 100% went on for social media fame," our source tells Now to Love exclusively. "However, you want to describe that."
"She was always constantly on her phone, playing with her hair and taking photos for her Instagram and unfortunately, she's never going to change."
According to our source, Jess really "projects this whole wanting the simple life and kids thing, but she's just all about her social media and her image."
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As for Martha, who is constantly compared to reality star Kim Kardashian, she's been gramming up a storm with sexy pics.
Just like Kim, Martha describes herself as "high maintenance" and has been open about the fact that's she's undergone several surgical procedures.
"I do Botox," she previously told NW magazine.
"But I like to keep it really understated and natural, so I don't like to look like I've had anything done," she said.
"I don't have fillers in my lips – but I do have them in other places on my face... and I've had my boobs done ... like 10 years ago now".
Martha channels her inner-Kimmy K on Instagram. (Image: Instagram @marthaa__k)
So could Martha, and Jess for the matter, live without their beauty products and get their hands dirty?
Probably not, but it will make for GREAT TV.
Can someone please give this the green light... like yesterday?!
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