Shocking old photos of Married At First Sight's Martha unearthed

She looked COMPLETELY different!

By Rebecca Sullivan
Married At First Sight bride Martha is the glamorous Greek goddess who's been dubbed "Australia's Kim Kardashian".
With her stunning dark hair, curvy figure and tanned skin, it's not hard to see why.
And just like Kim, Martha describes herself as "high maintenance" and has been open about the fact that's she's undergone several surgical procedures.
She's had Botox, filler, a boob job and a nose job.
But Martha says her motto when it comes to Botox and fillers is, "if you can tell you've had it done, then it's gone wrong."
"I do Botox," she previously told NW magazine.
"But I like to keep it really understated and natural, so I don't like to look like I've had anything done," she said.
"I don't have fillers in my lips – but I do have them in other places on my face... and I've had my boobs done ... like 10 years ago now".
Just like Kim, Martha loves a sultry selfie. (Image: Instagram)
She loves makeup and skincare, and is rarely seen not in full glam. (Image: Instagram)
Werk those angles girl! (Image: Instagram)
But a deep dive through Martha's Instagram account reveals the "wife" of MAFS groom Michael Brunelli hasn't always looked this glam.
In these old photos, Martha looks shockingly low-key!
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Martha looking naturally gorgeous. (Image: Instagram)
Martha pictured in 2012. (Image: Instagram)
With her grandmother, who she called her "bestie". (Image: Instagram)
Martha looks gorgeous here! (Image: Instagram)
The old Martha rocking a very different look to her Kimmy K vibes. (Image: Instagram)
She was always a fan of a selfie though! (Image: Instagram)
Despite already having undergone so many procedures, Martha says she is seriously considering going under the knife again.
"Probably after I have kids – what do mums do? The mummy makeover?" she said.
And unlike the Kardashians, Martha says she has not had any work done on her backside. The popular "BBL" or Brazilian Bum Lift procedure is one of the fastest-growing surgeries in the world.
"Definitely not", said the Greek beauty when asked if she would get the procedure done. "I'm trying to make my bum narrower," she joked.
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But depsite all of the tweaks, Martha says she still suffers from low self esteem and cringes when watching herself on TV. She partly blames working in the beauty industry for her self-criticism.
"I am so critical of myself," she told NW. "I'm judgemental and when it comes to myself, even more so.
"I didn't like to see myself. But you know what, it is what it is," she said.
"I'm not insecure, just critical. There's obviously little tweaks that we all wish we could change about ourselves."