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Married at First Sight’s Jessika’s sneaky game plan to play producers

It turns out drama queen Jessika Power knew what she was doing from the get-go!
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She’s landed herself smack-bang in the centre of the show’s juiciest shenanigans, and – surprise, surprise! – it turns out drama queen Jessika Power had a game plan from the get-go!

“She’s only there for the fame,” a show spy tells NW. “Jess openly says that ‘the opportunities that come from being on the show are paramount.'”

In an effort to hog the limelight, Jess has become a pro at manufacturing drama to guarantee her screen time, says our spy. “Jess has openly said you have to do heaps of crazy s**t on the show if you want to stay relevant.”

What kinda crazy, exactly? “She’d tell other brides at the dinner party to fake cry and pull faces to make sure they’re on camera,” we’re told. “Or she’d actually slam her cutlery down on the table or drop things on purpose to make sure she’s being recorded.”

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Jessika certainly has seen a lot of airtime! (Source: Channel 9)

Jess’s tactics seem to have worked a treat so far.

From her sudden moves on both Nic Jovanovic and Dan Webb to her tearful fight with hubby Mick Gould over his comments about her family, Jess has dominated air time.

But her spotlight-stealing ways have only put the other couples off side. “They’ve lost count of the times she’s ‘stormed out’ of a dinner party or commitment ceremony for dramatic effect,” our show insider says.

“She’d do anything to impress MAFS producers – but her co-stars are over it.”

Jess is now embroiled in a love affair with Dan Webb! (Source: Channel 9)

During Wednesday’s dinner party, Dan and Jess took their flirting to a whole other level.

Taking their very intense conversation outside, Jess told Dan: “I can’t just walk away knowing that there could be something potentially with, you know, with yourself.”

Dan asks Jess if she’s been attracted to any of the other guys and of course, she lied to his face but then said:

“If you didn’t come in to this, I would have happily walked away.” Jessika says, in fact, if he wasn’t into her – she’d leave tomorrow.

The couple then share a very passionate kiss and uh oh! Affair number two is under way!

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Whether they’re together or not in real life, Jess certainly knows how to get attention!

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