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Cat’s out of the bag! MAFS’ Jessika and Dan confirm THOSE pairing off rumours

And sealed it with a very passionate kiss!
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If you’ve finally just gotten over the Sam Ball/Ines Basic affair on Married at First Sight, then we’re sorry to say – but it’s happening again.

This time, controversial bride Jessika Power and new groom, Daniel Webb, have decided that being fake married means nothing to them, and have started what can only be described as a passionate love affair.

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On tonight’s episode of “Steal Yo Husband”, Jessika, whose marriage to Mick Gould has completely fallen apart, decides that Dan is seriously lush and figures that since her marriage is now over, it will be her “last chance to speak with Dan”.

After deciding to move in on him, she says: “Oh golly, I just don’t know how to do this,” which is simply not true since the other week she told Cyrell Jimenez’s husband Nic Jovanovic, that she “like liked him and not just liked him”as a friend.

Jess then awkwardly sits next to Dan and promptly ignores him – like all great relationships start.

Never fear! Dan sees right through her hi-jinks and says: “How you doin’ girl,” like he hasn’t been making sweet love to her through his eyes for the past hour.

Dan made eyes at Jess. (Source: Channel 9)

Jess made eyes at Dan. (Source: Channel 9)

Deep in conversation, Jess tells Dan that it’s “heartbreaking” that she and her farmer husband aren’t working out, because she did “come here to meet somebody” and not for the Instagram followers… and Dan then tells Jess that there is “no spark” between him and his wife, Tamara Joy.

As their conversation progresses, the experts who have been watching over the dinner party, cotton on to what is happening – however, apart from “signs of boundary crossing”, are mostly shocked that they seem to actually be getting on like in a real “courting” way.

In fact, Jess and Dan have moved into past relationship, children and “real” marriage talk territory – something that neither of them have done with their own fake spouses.

“They’re connecting,” John Aiken says, while Mel Schilling adds: “On an intellectual level,” and you don’t have to be an expert to figure that one out!

Dan and Jess then discover that they are both from the Gold Coast and OH MY GOD – they have soooo much in common!

Meanwhile, as the sparks begin to fly between the pair; over the other side of the room, Tamara is talking about how amazing their trip to Dan’s home was.

She then reveals that she and her husband had gotten “intimate” again on the last eve of the home stay – and side bar – we all grew up on Sex and the City and no one talks about doing the deed by saying they “got intimate” except for Charlotte in season one…

Once again, Jules, who only attends these dinner parties for the drama, probes Tamara for more information.

“I’m only here for everyone else’ drama…” (Source: Channel 9)*

Tamara reveals that she needs more passion and for “him to show her that he wants her” and for some reason, we don’t think that this is going to happen anytime soon.

“If only you knew,” expert Mel says. And yes, Tam. If only.

We feel like we’re getting “Bronson being humiliated vibes” all over again and we are not here for it. At. All.

Cut back to our star crossed lovers and Jess decides that they should move away from the dinner table. Even though he knows it spells trouble, Dan agrees to go with her.

“Oh God. I’m in trouble.” (Source: Channel 9)

As Jess goes outside, Dan catches a look at his wife – who is oblivious and deep in conversation.

Then, it’s GO TIME and Christ, we’ve seen this before.

“I can’t just walk away knowing that there could be something potentially with, you know, with yourself,” Jess tells Dan.

Dan asks Jess if she’s been attracted to any of the other guys and of course, she lies to his face – because fabulous, this has started off well.

“If you didn’t come in to this, I would have happily walked away.” Jessika says, in fact, if he wasn’t into her – she’d leave tomorrow.

There was talk about gut feelings and getting “wet” (in the rain you, guys!) and Jess tells Dan that he makes her feel nervous.

Then they kiss and it’s awkward as hell to watch – but we can’t look away.

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The pair plans to “stay” for one another (even though back at the dinner party, Mick has just told Nic and Cyrell that Jess told him she’d “leave” to put him out of his misery) and, eye roll. We’re getting a severe case of the de ja vu!

Once again, the partners of the “cheating pair” – Tam and Mick – are completely oblivious to the situation and are about to be humiliated on National TV.

And, oh lordy – this ought to be interesting!

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