Married At First Sight

Married At First Sight: Does this prove that Jessika and Dan's affair is fake?

Fans have spotted a sneaky clue after last night's episode...

By Alex Lilly
Back when Sam and Ines were cheating on their respective partners, Married At First Sight fans were quick to notice clues that it was all fake. But could the newest affair be all one big lie too?
At Wednesday night's dinner party, Jessika and Dan rekindled their romance though the location of their sneaky hook up wasn't exactly secret.
According to the Daily Mail, Jess and Dan's clandestine meeting took place in the smoking area of the dinner party warehouse, just downstairs from their fellow dinner party guests.
In fact, their romantic spot could be seen from most windows, meaning all their co-stars had to do was glance down to discover their secret romance.
The area outside the warehouse in Sydney's Lilyfield is an area for Nine crew members to have smoking breaks and eat food but it was accessorised with fairy lights, greenery and plump cushions to give it a more romantic vibe.
Pictures uploaded to Instagram account @legsonthewall show the area looking rather simple and unfurnished back in 2015.
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That's not the only cheeky thing that Jess has been up to on set, in fact an insider tells NW that she's been stirring up drama on purpose in order to get more screen time.
"Jess has openly said you have to do heaps of crazy s**t on the show if you want to stay relevant," says our spy.
"She'd tell other brides at the dinner party to fake cry and pull faces to make sure they're on camera," we're told. "Or she'd actually slam her cutlery down on the table or drop things on purpose to make sure she's being recorded."
Could Dan and Jess' affair be purely for the cameras? (Image: Channel Nine)
In fact, her fellow contestants have lost track of how many times she's dramatically stormed out of a dinner party or commitment ceremony.
"She'd do anything to impress MAFS producers – but her co-stars are over it."
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But it seems like Jess is head over heels for her new man Dan.
Despite all of the couple-swapping chaos, the blonde bombshell admitted to TV WEEK that it was pretty easy to fall for Dan and see a future with him.
"Our connection is crazy. My actual turning point with him was hearing him speak about his son."
"I love children and have always wanted them in my life," she says. "I don't want to spend my weekends partying – I'd be happy to be at playgroup and swimming lessons."
"Everything about him is perfect to me."