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EXCLUSIVE: Bachelor in Paradise's James Trethewie spills on the REAL Alex Nation

''She's very good with her words...''

By Anita Lyons
If you've been watching Bachelor in Paradise this season, you may be wondering why on earth EVERYONE seems to be falling for Alex Nation.
In fact, not only has she has a connection with Bill Goldsmith and Brooke Blurton (did you see that kiss??), but Australia's favourite nice guy, James Trethewie LEFT paradise just because he couldn't watch her date other people.
During an exclusive interview with Now to Love, we asked Jimmy what makes Alex so special and why he, like the others, was so taken with her.
"We kind of connected early on quite well," the financial advisor said.
"She's very good with her words and she's very engaging and very communicative.
"What we probably don't see is Alex forming those connections with people. We just sort of seeing people chasing her."
James and Alex Nation on the set of Bachelor in Paradise. (Source: Network Ten)
Jimmy and Alex actually spent quite a lot of time together, so that's why his decision to leave was so emotional.
"We spent quite a few days and time together and connected. You know, we were quite close and then in paradise, obviously everybody is open to exploring things with a lot of people.
"I couldn't explore with multiple people at once, so I just vibe with the one person – not in an overbearing way, more just to see how it went. I just wanted to meet one person, have fun, relax, enjoy the time there and sort of see that connection grow."
Us too, Jimmy. Us too.
So did the two share a cheeky kiss?
"If it didn't happen on camera, did it really happen?" James said.
We'll take that as a YES!
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While he said Alex was the only person he'd felt a connection with to stay on the island, she actually wasn't the only one.
In fact, he revealed that he and Alex both spent a lot of time with Brooke!
"We all got a long together and all spent a lot of time together," he admitted.
"I think that they spoke to me about their views on the relationships and sexuality.
"I can see why Alex would like Brooke because she's a beautiful person inside and out.
"They explained it was more about the person than the gender thing. So it was really nice to share in that and I was really supportive and encouraged them to explore that connection, it felt really important that they did."
All the girls love Jimmy! (Source: Network Ten)
Bye Jimmy, we'll miss you and your infectious smile.

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