Why James Trethewie is the underdog we all need to get behind on The Bachelorette

He's the ultra-light beam who has captured Sophie Monk and the nation's heart...
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But is The Bachelorette Australia’s James Trethewie too good to be true?

Well, we did some very deep digging and we can confirm he’s the real deal!

Sophie Monk best summed up the magic of Jimmy when she quipped: “He’s like Tarzan, but with a calculator.”

Aside from being a pro at assembling flat-pack furniture, break dancing in the street, ad-libbing as a Friar Tuck and making us weep as he treats Soph like the goddess she is – there’s so much more to James that we had no idea existed!

Here’s everything you need to know about The Bachelorette’s new dark horse, James Trethewie…

He’s not afraid to chase his dreams and has his sh– very much together

Stu Laundy might be the millionaire publican with flashy boats and sprawling mansions.

But our Jimmy is the dreamer who left Queensland to move to Sydney with nothing waiting at the other end.

It’s a scary leap of faith that takes guts.

“I had one path in front of me but knew it wasn’t right for me. I trusted my intuition and packed up the car to head for Sydney with no job or house lined up,” he’s revealed of moving interstate.

Fast forward to 2017 and it’s fair to say James well and truly landed on his feet!

A squiz at his LinkedIn profile shows an impressive CV with a slew of jobs in the finance industry boasting fancy titles like senior advisor, manager of risk division, financial advisor and import coordinator.

WATCH: James talks about important business-y things. Post continues below…

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“I trusted my intuition and packed up the car to head for Sydney with no job or house lined up.”

Has he already moved on?

Let’s not beat around the rose bush, James is on a one-way ticket to runner-up town.

Although booted Bachie Mack thinks Jimmy could win, his pure soul and kind eyes have all the makings of a Matty J 2.0 and we just can’t bear to think of him heartbroken.

But luckily, the Sydney local may already be over his Bachelorette break-up.

According to our sources, James has been spotted in his stomping ground of Manly on several occasions looking pretty close with a mystery woman.

“I saw him on two separate occasions with the same brunette lady. They seemed very relaxed in each other’s company,” our spy tells us.

“One occasion was on a Saturday morning and they were both dressed in activewear going for a walk together.”

James has been spotted out and about with a mystery woman. What does this mean?!

He seriously does like long walks on the beach and is at one with his spirituality

Jimmy says he grew up in “beautiful Tasmania, surrounded by nature.”

After attending uni on the Sunshine Coast, James worked in Queensland before relocating to Sydney’s northern beaches.

As long as he’s near the water, young Jimmy is content. If he’s not chasing barrels on his surfboard, he’ll be out centring his chakras on a yoga mat.

“[James and I] were like the spiritual gurus. We liked to mediate and do yoga together,” evicted Bachelor Mack told us this week of finding his kindred spirit in the 31-year-old.

He surfs, he swims, he yogas…

In his happy place.

He’s had all manner of facial hair

From a beard, a mo, rugged stubble – he’s rocked it all!

Which Jimmy do you prefer?

We can’t decide to be honest, take your pick below…

Jimmy with a beard.

Jimmy with a mo.

Jimmy fresh-faced.

Jimmy with a five o’clock shadow.

Family means the world to him

When Sophie handed James his toy bunny from childhood, he lost it (as did we).

And he says that’s because of what Jason (yes, that is his bunny’s name. We told you he was perfect) represents.

“This moment absolutely broke me. Not the actual bunny Jason, but everything he symbolises. family and love,” James revealed.

“I haven’t seen my family in over 6 months and the last time was at my Grandma’s funeral. To me he symbolises the love, light and warmth in our family. The close bond, regardless of Geographical borders. One of my younger sisters’ Mils and I sending each other memes all day errr day. The laughter at Xmas when we all get together for BBQ’s at the beach.”

“I never thought I’d be sharing something so deep and personal, or ever see Soph holding my teddy from childhood. I don’t think a gf has ever ‘met’ Jason before. And this moment broke down all the walls I’d been holding up & cut me right to the core,” he added.

Excuse us while we go and sob in a dark room for an hour.

He’s been cheated on 🙁

“I’ve been cheated on before, a few times,” the 31-year-old recently confessed to TV WEEK.

“The first time, I was in my early 20s. I found out through friends and confronted her about it and it all came out. It was a real shock.”

Despite trying to revive the year-long relationship, the pair eventually went their separate ways.

“We tried to work through it, but it just didn’t feel right and I couldn’t get past it,” he explained.

Sophie Monk and James Trethewie

It’s hard to believe, but James has been cheated on TWICE.

If that wasn’t enough to make your blood boil, history repeated itself with another partner.

“It’s happened two other times,” he said.

“It’s made me cautious in making sure everything feels right.”

But James had put the bad times behind him and is ready to find a keeper. “I would love to meet that forever person,” he insisted.

WATCH: James and Sophie go busking. Post continues…

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He’s falling hard for Sophie

“Sophie just makes me weak at the knees. I definitely see a future with her. It feels like we’re three months into [dating] and the connection keeps on growing,” he told NW.

Soph has even said she wants him to meet his family. Is this a clue he makes it to home visits?

“She said, ‘Oh, I can’t wait for you to meet my family – they’re so funny,'” he gushes to NW. “There have definitely been signs of affection from her, putting her hand around me…”

In ten years’ time, Jimmy wants to be “hanging out with Sophie on a ski trip, with a few little Monks in tow.”

Come on Sophie, how can you resist those baby blue eyes?

He’s already getting marriage proposals

Guys, form an orderly queue because Jimmy is coming in hot!

The reality star confessed to the Manly Daily that strangers are proposing to him online (why are you looking at us?)

WATCH: James sans a shirt with a puppy. You’re welcome! Post continues…

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And when he teams up with his fellow northern beaches buddy and former contestant Luke McLeod, locals’ minds are blown.

“I’ve been out for dinner in Manly with Luke and we’ve had people walking past us, the family stop and the kids, with this look in their eye saying, ‘You’re my favourite,’” James told the newspaper.

It’s not just humans who are drawn to Jimmy, either…`

We don’t know who is cuter?

Could this pic of him and Ash Pollard give away the ending?

By now it’s pretty obvious we’re rooting for Jimmy to snag that finale rose.

But we don’t always get what we want and in our travels to compile this PHD on all things James Trethewie, we stumbled upon this snap of the financial advisor hanging out with fellow reality TV star Ash Pollard.

It turns out the two are family friends and share godparents, which is all well and good.

However, you’ll notice this snap was taken in early August during some “mid week bevs.”

If this pic was indeed snapped in real time, then it could be a potential spoiler that James doesn’t win as the show’s final rose ceremony reportedly happened later in August.

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