Is The Bachelorette’s Sam a paid actor?

Sophie questions his intentions.
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When Sophie met Sam on night one, the pair clicked instantly. So much so, she gave him the double delight rose.

But this week, the Bachelorette reveals she’s having doubts after Sam makes a shock confession.

“I love using my voice,” the Sydney voiceover artist says, adding he’s also keen 
to try his hand at acting.

“I’ve got a lot of people pushing me to do it [act] 
and frustrated that I’m 
not doing stuff.”

The 31-year-old then goes on to admit he’s also a music producer and would like to send Sophie some chords he’s been working on.

“Does he want 
to be my boyfriend or does he want to be my agent?” Sophie questions.

Sam wants 
to pursue a career off the back of this.”

Sophie is unsure of Sam’s intentions.

Sam told TV WEEK that he was unsure when he was approached to go on the reality dating show.

“I was initially hesitant. I think I didn’t actually show up to the casting but then had a reconnect with the guy and had a slight conversation. I came on quite late in the piece. I almost wasn’t there but I’ve been single for a while and this was a good opportunity to see where I am at.”

Sam and Sophie clicked on the first night.

But, the 31-year-old was happy he did sign on when he won the double delight rose on the very first night.

Sam managed to score the prize after impressing Sophie by taking the plunge and jumping into the pool during the cocktail party.

“I came, I saw, I grabbed the rose,” Sam said.

“It was really cool. My fear going in was not getting a rose but that didn’t happen thank goodness.”

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