The Bachelorette’s Luke: “I don’t know what went wrong”

The front-runner was left shocked after he was sent packing on tonight's episode.

By NW team
Sophie Monk may have tried throwing the “perfect night in”, but once again the drama was dialled way up on tonight’s episode of The Bachelorette Australia.
In fact, during a game of anonymous questions, Jarrod’s pot plant even made a comeback. (Seriously, can that thing just stay dead already!?)
But, in an even bigger drama the very rugged Luke McLeod was sent home. Noooooo!
From the moment Soph mentioned that the business culture consultant looked like George Clooney, we – and the rest of Australia – thought he had it in the bag. As did he.
And why wouldn’t he? After all Georgie is like every woman’s dream man, right? Wrong!
There was drama galore at Sophie's "perfect night in".
So what happened?
“I don’t know, I’m trying to figure that out myself,” Luke spills to NW exclusively.
“At the time I was confused and disappointed but that’s the way it is I suppose. You deal with it.”
Without an explanation from Sophie, Luke’s left to fill in the blanks.
“I suppose the hardest part about the whole thing is that you don’t have that opportunity to talk through things,” he says.
But the handsome suitor ultimately puts it down to his lack of alone time with Sophie.
“I’m a pretty reserved quiet guy and it takes a lot for me to open up about my emotions and you know a lot of the other guys are more open and forward,” he reveals.
“I think I was waiting for the right time, obviously I waited a little bit too long.”
Sophie sent Luke packing.
While it didn’t work out with Sophie, Luke isn’t short of female fans.
And, in very good news ladies, the dreamy Sydney-based beefcake is still single. Yaaasss!
“I don’t like to rush into things,” he tells us. “When it comes to right timing and when it feels right I’ll hopefully meet someone who fits me and that would be great.”
Luke previously dated none other than former Bachie babe Laura Byrne and she has been giving him advice on how to deal with life post-Bachie.
The hunky bachelor is still single.
"We’ve chatted a couple of times. It has been great to have a friend that is able to relate and help with certain things,” he says.
Of course, there’s no chance of the exes rekindling their romance given a certain Matty J is now in the picture. And despite not finding his own The One in Sophie own, Luke couldn’t be happier for them.
“[The show] obviously worked out really well for her because she found an awesome guy and I’m happy for her.”

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