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It’s the show that matches complete strangers on their wedding day – yet Married At First Sight isn’t exactly known for its successful romances or endearing love stories. But that doesn’t mean it’s all drama and wine-throwing in real life.

Over the years, some of the show’s favourite stars have welcomed baby boys and girls, while other contestants have found love and family elsewhere once their season wrapped.

Season Six golden couple Jules Robinson and Cameron Merchant welcomed a beautiful baby boy in October 2020, while controversial Season Five contestant Davina Rankin met her Prince Charming after the experiment and gave birth to a baby girl in November 2019.

With an abundance of baby joy for the cast of MAFS, we take a look at some of the cutest snaps of these beautiful families.

Image: Instagram

Cameron Merchant & Jules Robinson

Cameron Merchant & Jules Robinson: Ollie

The darlings of the sixth season of Married At First Sight, Cam and Jules enjoyed a whirlwind romance that led them from walking down the aisle on TV, to tying the knot for real, to announcing their pregnancy news within the span of two years.

After marrying in a beautiful ceremony in 2019, the pair welcomed their son, Oliver Chase Merchant, in October 2020.

“Our little man has arrived,” Jules wrote in her joy-filled announcement. “Healthy and beautiful and my heart is full. We are home now and enjoying the love bubble and getting to know our lil man Ollie who has the world ahead of him.”

Image: Instagram

Cameron Merchant & Jules Robinson

It’s been an action-packed few years for the pair, who wouldn’t have it any other way. In a recent Instagram post, Cam counted his blessings for his wife and 10-month-old son.

“If you want to feel rich, just count all of the things you have that money can’t buy,” he wrote. “Pure gratitude for these 2 in my life.”

Image: Woman’s Day

Zoe Hendrix & Alex Garner

Zoe Hendrix & Alex Garner: Harper-Rose

They were the star couple of MAFS for a few years after meeting on the first season of the reality show – back when there was a little less drama and a lot more love.

The pair stayed together after the series aired in 2015 and welcomed a baby girl, Harper-Rose, in November 2016.

“I still can’t believe she’s here,” Zoe told Woman’s Day of her newborn daughter. “Sitting here holding something so precious – that is a part of me, that is my blood – is something I’ve always dreamt of, and I will cherish it forever.”

Image: Instagram

Zoe Hendrix & Alex Garner

The couple ended up going their separate ways in 2018, but have continued to co-parent their gorgeous daughter together.

In an interview in 2020, Zoe said that different parenting styles was a big factor.

“In hindsight, I have learned that you don’t know who you’ve married until you have a child,” she confessed in an interview with The Grace Tales. “Sometimes it’s not what you agreed and it’s not how you thought things were going to go.”

Zoe said she would find herself doing a lot more work than she realised, often by herself, even when she returned to full-time work.

“I would say I’m quite a modern woman. I have modern views about parenting and gender roles. But I would say that that wasn’t a shared attitude. I didn’t really realise this until after we had our child. I’ve learned a lot from that experience,” she explained.

Image: Instagram

Bryce Ruthven & Melissa Rawson

Bryce Ruthven & Melissa Rawson: IT’S TWINS!

They may not have had the smoothest road to romance, but Season Eight stars Bryce and ‘Liss’ say they’re happier than ever outside of the TV experiment.

Their joy was only increased when they found out they were expecting twins earlier this year.

The couple recently passed an important milestone in August, hitting the 20 week mark of pregnancy. More than halfway there, Liss and Bryce are keenly awaiting the arrival of their babies.

Davina Rankin & Jaxon Manuel

Davina Rankin & Jaxon Manuel: Mila-Mae

Davina was known as a “villain” when her season of the show aired in 2018. Though, in hindsight, barely anything happened in her “cheating scandal” with Dean Wells, when you compare to the drama that followed.

Putting it all behind her, Davina left the world of reality TV and returned to her work in events planning for We Love Brunch Co.

Later in 2018 she met her now-fiancé Jaxon Manuel, who proposed in March of this year. The couple welcomed their daughter, Mila-Mae, in November 2019 and appear to be living blissfully as a trio.

Susie Pearl & Todd Carney

Susie Pearl & Todd Carney: Lion

It’s safe to say Susie was not a match for her Married At First Sight husband Billy Vincent. However, she went on to find a partner after the series wrapped, falling in love with NRL player Todd Carney.

The couple welcomed a son, Lion Daryl Carney, in March 2021. Sharing a series of black and white photos on the occasion, including one of Suzie breastfeeding her newborn son.

“We love you our little Lion. You will be one of the greats.,” she wrote in her caption.

Susie Pearl & Todd Carney

Keeping their relationship relatively lowkey, the pair don’t post much of their family on social media – which includes Susie’s daughter, Baby, from a previous relationship.

Before becoming a dad to Lion, Todd told New Idea he considers her ‘his own.’

“She has her own father, but while Baby’s in my care, I treat her as if she’s my own,” Todd says.

“It definitely makes you realise you have other people to care for when you put yourself in [the] position [of being a parent].”

Image: Instagram

Cyrell Paule & Eden Dally

Cyrell Paule & Eden Dally: Boston Eden

She gained the nickname ‘Cyclone Cyrell’ during the sixth season of MAFS, becoming one of the most memorable stars of the series to date.

Though her match with Nicolas Jovanovic wasn’t made to last, she did find love with another Reality TV star after the show: Eden Dally from Love Island Australia.

After hitting it off in March of 2019, the couple welcomed a baby boy in February 2020.

“When I met Eden, I gotta tell you, I so did not like him,” Cyrell told Now To Love of their first encounter. “But we kept on hanging out after that and he sort of grew on me slowly and I’m like, he’s actually okay!”

Image: Instagram

Cyrell Paule & Eden Dally

They may have had their ups and downs, temporarily splitting during Cyrell’s pregnancy, but the loved-up duo appear to be going from strength to strength now.

On Boston’s first birthday earlier this year, Cyrell opened up about being a first-time mum during the pandemic.

“I remember the first day bringing him home,” she wrote on Instagram “Being in lockdown as a first time parent. Without a doubt one of the most challenging times of our life. It’s never going to get easier. And I will never ever be the perfect parent.

“But not a day goes by that we aren’t learning more, doing more and loving you more.”

Tracey Jewel & Nathan Constable

Tracey Jewel & Nathan Constable: Frankie Robert

Tracey Jewel was at the centre of one of Married At First Sight’s original scandals, when her ‘husband’ Dean Wells attempted to carry out an ‘affair’ with Davina Rankin.

Once the series wrapped, she began a relationship with fellow contestant Sean Thomsen, showing up to reunion together. However, their romance was short-lived.

Since then, Tracey has reunited with her ‘high school sweetheart’ in Perth, Nathan Constable. The couple tied the knot in February 2021 ahead of the birth of their son Frankie in March.

Image: Instagram

Tracey Jewel & Nathan Constable

Opening up about her difficult birth to WHO, Tracey gave insight to her emergency C-section.

“I had a very up and down pregnancy,” she says. “I had what’s called an irritable uterus, which feels like you’re going into labour, so I was in and out of hospital a few times. That was really hard because I was bedridden for the last two months.”

“He had some breathing difficulties when he was born, so he was in the neonatal intensive care unit for a week,” says Tracey, who is also mum to daughter Grace, 11.

“That was so hard because I hardly got to cuddle him and he was bottle-fed my expressed breast milk. He also had a tongue-tie, so he had a bit of a rough start.”

Though he had a dramatic start to life, Frankie is doing well know as he enters his sixth month.

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