Reality stars Jules Robinson & Cam Merchant are dishing hilarious parenting realities left right and centre as they settle into life with a baby

The Married at First Sight stars have been given a few hard truths since welcoming their baby son earlier this month.
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New babies have a lot to teach us wayward humans – and for Jules Robinson and Cam Merchant, they’re learning firsthand.

After welcoming their gorgeous baby son Oliver in October, the pair have been thrown into the wild parenting abyss. And given the little one is their first, they don’t have a lot to go off.

Thus, the revelations have been rife.

In a cute, yet all-too-real Instagram post, Jules shared an update about life with a fresh newborn, posting a picture of herself fast asleep with her new baby in her arms 24 hours after giving birth.

Then, in a second snap, Cam is seen taking a selfie with the blissfully snoozing Jules and Oliver.

“Not even 24hrs in and he was it,” Jules quipped, adding: “To be fair… I don’t mind this one haha”.

The sweet picture struck a chord with the pair’s fans on Instagram.

One wrote: “Sums up all the hard work you did! Congratulations.”

Another gave them a little pearl of wisdom: “Sleep when you can and take lots of pictures these first months go past in a blur.”

A sentimental fan wrote: “Oh those blissfully exhausted hospital photos.”

Cam took a cute selfie with his wife and new baby son.


Meanwhile, Cam has also been sharing his own insights into life with a baby.

Posting a bemused picture of himself holding up a trashbag full to the brim with nappies, he wrote: “Can someone please deny or confirm.. This is normal for the 1st week please?”

He added: “If this is the case.. Looks like we have quite the regular child on our hands.. & for the record, improving everyday at the nappy change!”

Again, Cam and Jules’ fans flooded the comments section.

Many recommended the pair ensure they are keeping sustanability top of mind, recommending certain brands and cloth-based nappies that are better for the environment.

One fan simply gave the new parents an, er, unique insight of what to expect: “Wait until he moves onto solids…”

Another also saw their nappy filled bag and raised them one more: “Try having twins mate!” the fan quipped.

The proud parents are muddling through the woes of parenting with an army of fans providing their own insights.


Jules has been keeping her fans well in the loop on her life as a newborn’s parent.

Last week, she shared a series of oh-so-relatable videos to her Instagram Stories documenting her first drive with Ollie in the car.

Of course, baby brain is rife in those first few weeks, so it was all the more relateable when she revealed the error she’d made.

“Big moment! I just drove for the first time with little Ollie in the back. 30 minutes, in silence I do have to say,” Jules explained.

“And now I’ve arrived where I need to be and I’ve forgot the keys to get in. Haha! Big time baby brain,” the reality star laughed, alongside the hashtag #babybrain.

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