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EXCLUSIVE: MAFS Tracey Jewel regrets dating Sean Thomasen

''My one regret is rebounding with Sean''

By NW team
She was the centre of the Season Five storm thanks to her tumultuous relationship with "hubby" Dean Wells and shock reunion romance with co-star Sean Thomsen.
And despite those two flings not working out, and a mental health battle that resulted in a visit to a facility for treatment, Tracey Jewel tells NW she's "having fun dating again".
You've had quite the dramatic year. How are you going now?
[Laughs] I know, right? I'm feeling better now, and have realised it's all been a blessing. I realise I was just around a lot of toxic people, the wrong kind of people and the wrong kind of attention.
You're still getting attention from the men aren't you?
Yeah, yeah! Nothing serious though, but I'm back out there!
Not at all! I love love! I'm all for it. It will never change me. As many heartbreaks as I've had this year, I'm still optimistic!
Tracey reveals that Married at First Sight didn't turn her off dating! (Source: Instagram)
Could any of the guys you're seeing now be The One?
Who knows? Who knows! I'm having fun. I'm going with the flow. [Laughs]
Do you have any regrets from the show?
SEAN! Just him. Not the show.
What about it do you regret?
I just think it was such a rebound, looking back on it. Me and Dean went through so much and I just wanted someone to confide in and rely on. What was I thinking? Looking back on it now, honestly that's the only regret. Oh, and going back to my ex [Patrick Kedemos] as well – that wasn't the best move.
Tracey and Sean debuted their new romance at the Married at First Sight reunion episode. (Source: Channel 9)
So what are you up to now? Are you still writing books?
Yeah, hopefully I'll write another! I think it might be more of an autobiography about the year I've just had! [Laughs]
Would you do reality TV again?
[Laughs] Who knows?! I heard that in America they have a MAFS spin-off show, so I might consider it! But, you know what, if I'm single and there was a Bachelor In Paradise-type MAFS show, I might consider it.
Would you ever be the Bachelorette?
[Laughs] No. Definitely not. I'm a one-man kind of girl. Just one at a time!
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We didn't witness much of Sean Thomsen on the show, but we're about to learn a whole lot about him, as the star – who shocked the nation when he turned up to the reunion special holding hands with Tracey Jewel – tells NW he's writing a tell-all book about the controversial series. Yep, that means revealing what really went on between him and Trace.
Here, Sean gives us a taste of what to expect.
Sean reveals to NW that he's writing a tell-all book! *(Source: Instagram/Sean Thomsen)
OK, tell us about this book!
I'm working on an E-book, which will delve inside the reality world and the manipulation behind the whole thing. It's called Married Lies and I'm going to try to release it before the end of the new season. It's got some philosophy and some self-help [advice] too, so it's not all bitter and twisted.
So there's no chance of you doing another reality show ever then, huh?
I don't know. I'd have to approve the storyline they filter out for me first. Once you get burnt, you don't really want to throw yourself back in it.
What happened with you and Tracey? You were really loved-up, then it ended so abruptly!
I've never actually been in a relationship where someone has manipulated someone so much. I've blocked her off everything. She's just one of those people you don't want to be around.
"I've never actually been in a relationship where someone has manipulated someone so much," Sean said. (Source: Instagram)
Do you regret the relationship?
Oh yeah, absolutely. If I knew she was like that at all, I never would have even spoken to her.
You used the word "manipulated" – what kind of things did she want from you?
Marriage and babies? She tried to get married! And I said, "No, that's ridiculous. We're not even getting along – so why would I want to get married to you?"
She wanted to marry you?
It was ridiculous, which is why I actually ended it – she didn't end it.
What about babies – was that ever a discussion?
Nah, not that serious. She wanted to get married at the end of last year, so that it would get more publicity for her book.
"She tried to get married!" he revealed. "It was ridiculous, which is why I actually ended it – she didn't end it," Sean said. (Source: Instagram)
When did you start feeling like the relationship wasn't working?
We got together in December and were together for few months. As soon as the show started airing [in January], the wheels came off. We agreed on what would happen [between us] and what actually happened were two totally different things. I realised at that point that she was just trying to feather her own nest the whole time. She was hungry for attention 24/7 and I knew from that point that the number-one priority was her and getting famous.
So why did you block her on social?
She was going around town [saying things] to all my friends.
Did she ever try to get back together with you?
I've had to block her from everything – I don't want anything to do with her. She was trying to get in contact with [me via] email [and] everything. I just blocked as soon as I saw it...
"What actually happened were two totally different things," Sean revealed. (Source: Instagram)
Looking back now, do you wish you'd rebounded with someone else from the series instead?
Um, not really because after the experiment with Blair [Rachel]... Blair and I were just a horrible match and the producers wanted us off so badly.
How's your love-life now? Has the fame helped you meet women?
Not really. It's had the opposite effect. I can't believe they go on about equal rights and then they air a comment by Davina [Rankin] calling me a transgender. Imagine if I said that about Davina? That she looks transgender?
Do you find the comparisons to Ellen DeGeneres offensive, too?
Of course. I don't even look like Ellen! It's only cause I bleached my hair that time. Nick [Furphy] and I said it in jest and then people kind of ran with it and it got a bit overboard.
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