Married At First Sight

“What was I thinking?!” MAFS’ Tracey Jewel says Sean Thomsen was just a “rebound”

Her words, not ours!

By Ellie McDonald
Another day, another (juicy) overshare from Married At First Sight's Tracey Jewel.
This time, she has hopped, skipped and book-toured her way to New Zealand, sitting down to open up about her break-up with Sean Thomsen on The Real Pod podcast in NZ.
Tracey and Sean, pre-breakup.
As reported by the Daily Mail, Tracey said: "I don't regret Dean but yes, what was I thinking [with Sean]? It was a rebound!"
The podcast hosts then went on to question Tracey, saying that during the show, she appeared to be genuinely enamoured by Sean.
'What was I thinking?" she responded. "Looking back on it, it's just one of those things I want to sweep under the rug."
And the reason why they don't keep in touch today – along with the fact that just weeks after dumping Sean, Tracey announced she was getting back with her ex-boyfriend, Patrick Kedemos – is as scandalous as it is kinda typical of a reality TV-contestant fall-out.
Tracey with her ex-turned-current-flame, Patrick Kedemos.
"I'm all for ending things all amicable and stuff and to start, it was all good," Tracey said.
"But then he started this whole anti-Tracey hate club and he's hanging out with one of my exboyfriends Malcolm Day."
Never one to not hold back from speaking her truths, just a month before she split from Sean, Tracey wrote opened up about the criticism she received after it was discovered that her three-year-old daughter lived mostly with Tracey's ex-husband and his family. Some critics slammed Tracey for "abandoning" her daughter in favour for then-new-boyfriend Sean.
Tracey and Sean debuted their new romance at the Married at First Sight reunion episode.
"It made no sense for [my daughter] to be in daycare when she could be with her siblings and step-mum," said Tracey of the "shocking" backlash.
As reported by Mamamia, Tracey then went on to say that she and her ex separated when her daughter was 3, and is now 8. Tracey also said that "taking her away from her siblings was causing her more stress, and she was missing out on family activities that they got to experience."
"It works with our family," Tracey continued.
"She's now been with this family unit longer than when we were married."
"I see her at least one night a week and more in school holidays, and she's a happy, well-adjusted girl, and that's all that matters."