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It is rare that an momentous occasion will go without any hiccups, and unfortunately for Michael Hing, he experienced it all while trying to propose to his partner.

The comedian made the promise to himself that after nine years with his girlfriend, Humyara Mahbub, he would propose – but it didn’t go quite as planned.

Michael’s comedy special is coming to Ten.

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What is worse? Food poisoning, a catfish situation or a once in a decade flood… well, Michael had it all.

By some miracle, the happy couple exchanged vows in August 2023, in a beautiful wedding ceremony on Sydney Harbour. So how did the comedian manage to rectify the proposal?

All is revealed in Michael’s new comedy special titled, Long Live The Hing which is set to air on Channel Ten on September, 28. When describing the comedy special to our sister site, WHO Magazine, he narrowed it down to three words: “Failed, proposal, disaster.”

The pair wed in August 2023.

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“It’s basically about me trying to propose to my girlfriend and how wrong it all went,” he continued.

“So if you’re someone who is thinking about proposing, or you’re someone who wants to encourage someone to propose to you, feel free to watch it for some inspiration on what not to do.”

However, his pro tip was to gauge your partner’s desires regarding romantic gestures, particularly on whether they like surprises or not. And luckily for Humyara, her involvement in the comedy special comes as no surprise.

“If I’ve written something that involves her, I will run it by her to make sure she’s OK with it,” he told the Sydney Morning Herald.

Long Live The Hing details his “failed” proposal.

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“Because you hear stories about people talking about their partners on stage and their partners getting pissed. And we’re a team. We write stuff together. She’s very much a part of the process, so it’s important for her to be part of the show.”

Long Live The Hing will also feature hilarious moments including sleeping with a mouth guard, a run in with an acupuncturist, oil wrestling a heist and a nightmare music festival.

Watch Michael Hing: Long Live The Hing at 8:30pm in Australia on Channel Ten and 10Play.

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