Crazy Fun Park: Everything you need to know about the Logie award winning show

The show won 'Most Oustanding Children's Program' at the 2023 TV Week Logie Awards.
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In one of the biggest shocks of the evening at the 2023 TV Week Logie Awards, it was not fan favourite Bluey who took home the highly coveted Logie for ‘Most Outstanding Children’s Program’ but newcomer Crazy Fun Park, an ABC original series that premiered in early 2023 to critical acclaim.

Starring a talented cast of newcomers, the show tells the tells of an introverted teen who makes the terribly exciting discovery that his recently deceased best friend is actually still alive (in relative terms) and kicking, and is part of a group of ghouls haunting the abonded fun park on the edge of town.

The Logie Award win was very well deserved!

(Credit: ABC)

The official synopsis reads: “A shy teen wants desperately to fit in and enjoy his high school years if only his dead best friend and a posse of rotting ghouls would stop sabotaging him at every turn.”

Whilst we are sure the show is darker than it suggests, it’s sure to entertain young Aussies looking for something homegrown, upbeat and positively spooky!

There’s no word yet on whether or not the now Logie award winning children’s live action show will return for season two, but all ten episodes are now available to stream for free on ABC iView.

And with a rating of PG – it’s perfect to watch with your whole family!

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