Tony Armstrong’s Logies journey: From rookie to double winner

And he answers the big question...will he make it to work in the morning?
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Tony Armstrong has won The Bert Newton Award for Most Popular Presenter at the 63rd TV WEEK Logie Awards.

This marks the second Logie Award the ABC Sports Presenter and former AFL player has won after winning the Graham Kennedy Award for Most Popular New Talent at the 2022 Logie Awards.

Last year, Tony’s Logie’s celebrations made headlines when he failed to show up to work the next morning/ ABC Queensland reporter Michael Rennie was tasked with tracking him down on the Gold Coast, finding him just before 7 am.

“Hey, guys, I can’t hear you back in the studio but thank you so much for all the support that you gave me along the way,” Tony told the show.

“A lot of people were after a rapid rise this morning but I couldn’t quite get up in the seven o’clock hour. But [I] managed to rapidly rise at eight and here we are.”

So is an early morning shift on the horizon following Tony’s most recent Logies win? Luckily not!

“Well, not now. I told, in no uncertain terms, my executive producer, that I would be very hard to find tomorrow,” he shared with TV WEEK shortly after his win.

WATCH: Tony Armstrong’s 2022 TV WEEK Logie Awards interview. Article continues below.

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Despite his two Logies in two years, Tony is adamant he’s no “superstar” of Aussie TV.

“[I am] Absolutely not! I guess it is just a reflection of the great people that I work with mainly. Everyone at the ABC does such an amazing job and I’m just lucky that I get to be the person who amplifies all of their good work. I’m just super humbled by the award and by the Australian people voting.”

Always one to keep us on our toes, Tony also let slip the surprising place his Logie will live following the award show. Telling TV Week that one of his Logies will soon become a fixture at a Sydney pub.

“My mate owns the Lord Gladstone, he is my best mate, so one of the Logies is going to be a beer tap at the Lord Gladstone.”

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