Hit series The Twelve smashes the TV WEEK Logie Awards in 2023

There is a reason everyone loves The Twelve.
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In 2023, The Twelve series took home their fair share of wins from the TV WEEK Logie Awards.

But what makes The Twelve so special? The winners explain.

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Pallavi Sharda and Brooke Satchwell bonded over playing “vulnerable” characters

The Twelve co-stars Pallavi Sharda and Brooke Satchwell were both nominated for Most Outstanding Supporting Actress, but Pallavi had no doubt it would be Brooke’s name read out as the winner.

She says it was “a real honour” to accept the award on Brooke’s behalf.

“I knew I’d be going up for her,” she tells TV WEEK. “She performed so beautifully.”

While Pallavi’s character Corrie was dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder, Brooke’s character Georgina was suffering domestic abuse.

“The car rides home [from the set of The Twelve] were a space for us to share and it was a really beautiful thing,” Pallavi says. “It’s a lifelong friendship now.”

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The stars of The Twelve explain what makes it so special

The Twelve was a big TV series from the beginning, featuring a big, diverse cast and some very big names. So it’s no surprise it won big at the TV WEEK Logie awards, taking out Most Outstanding Drama Series, Miniseries Or Telemovie.

Damien Strouthos, who plays Alexi, tells TV WEEK that when he started making it, he was “quite overwhelmed” by the amount of talent and stories.

“But by the time we were finished, I think we were all aware that it was something really special for Australian television,” he says.

Pallavi Sharda, who plays Corrie, says The Twelve expresses Australia “the way it is, in a way that has never been done before in Australian drama”.

“I think that’s why it’s resonated so much,” she adds.

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Marta Dusseldorp remembers the remarkable contribution of Brian Walsh

For the stars of The Twelve, there was a special joy in seeing the drama that was commissioned by Brian Walsh doing so well at the 2023 TV WEEK Logie Awards. The pioneering TV executive, who was inducted into the Hall Of Fame this year, died aged 67 in March.

Actress Marta Dusseldorp remembers Brian visiting the set of The Twelve.

“I looked over and he was standing in the corner with his cheeky grin,” she tells TV WEEK. “You’d think it was his first time on set, he was so excited.

“He was a truly humble, extraordinary story maker and I don’t know we could ever fill his shoes, never never.”

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