From speeches to singalongs: Look back at the most iconic TV Week Logie Awards moments

These memorable moments will go down in Logies history.
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The 63rd TV WEEK Logie Awards are back for 2023, with the ceremony taking place on July 30 at The Star Sydney.

From heartwarming speeches to spontaneous musical numbers, Australia’s most talented celebrities have created some of the most iconic moments in national media history.

As our top talents prepare themselves for television’s annual night of nights, we look back at some of the most memorable TV WEEK Logie Awards moments.

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Patti Newton shares heartwarming tribute to her late husband Bert

The 62nd TV WEEK Logie Awards commemorated the life of four-time Gold Logie winner and legendary presenter Bert Newton who sadly passed away in October 2021.

“He had this thing where he’d say, ‘Not everyone lives their dream,’ but he did, and he loved it,” Newton’s wife Patti shared in a heartfelt tribute, with the star also sporting a bejeweled ‘Bert’ necklace.

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Tony Armstrong wins his first Logie Award

Beloved presenter Tony Armstrong won his first Logie, taking home the Graham Kennedy Award for Most Popular New Talent.

Armstrong also took to the stage earlier in the ceremony alongside tennis star Dylan Alcott. Armstrong was the first presenter on the Logies stage to open with an Acknowledgement of Country, with both Alcott and Armstrong drawing attention to the need for greater diversity in Australian media.

“To be honest, having an Indigenous man and a guy in a wheelchair up here, on commercial TV… We’ve got a long way to go, but it’s massive,” stated Alcott.

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Hamish Blake wins the Gold Logie Award for LEGO Masters

LEGO Masters host Hamish Blake took home the Gold Logie Award at the 2022 ceremony; becoming the first Gold Logie recipient in over two years due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Blake also won the inaugural Bert Newton Award for Most Popular Presenter.

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Tom Gleeson’s hilarious Gold Logie acceptance speech

Hard Quiz host Tom Gleeson famously campaigned for weeks to win the Gold Logie Award for Most Popular Personality On Australian Television, taking out the night’s top award in 2019.

The star’s hilarious speech featured a heartfelt thanks to all the celebrities who regularly appear on his program. Plus, he gave a shoutout to all the contestants who have appeared on his hit show.

“I do want to say thank you to the contestants on Hard Quiz, because I do appreciate them being on the show,” Tom said.

“They turn up week in, week out and they let me give them an absolute flogging that they don’t deserve and they don’t even win any money and it makes no sense whatsoever. That’s why I love it so much.”

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Dylan Alcott brings attention to disability awareness

The tennis star and disability advocate won the Graham Kennedy Award for Most Popular New Talent in 2019.

“This award means a lot to me, because I used to absolutely hate having a disability,” Dylan said. “I’ve been in a wheelchair my whole life. I hated it. One of the reasons I hated it was because when I turned on the TV I never saw anybody like me.”

“When I did see someone like me, it was a road safety ad where someone drink drives has a car accident and the next scene is someone like me, whose life is over. I was like ‘That’s not my life.’ I want to get a job on TV. I love sharing stories. Also, to show that people with disability can be talented, funny, humorous, just normal people enjoying their lives.”

Samuel and Connie Johnson
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Samuel and Connie Johnson

Samuel Johnson’s touching tribute to his late sister Connie

Sam Johnson took out the TV WEEK Logie for Best Actor in 2017 for his role as Molly Meldrum in the TV mini-series Molly.

In a touching tribute, the star dedicated his win to his “beautiful sister Connie,” who had just announced that she would be stopping her chemotherapy treatment.

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Waleed makes history with speech about racism

In 2016, The Project host Waleed won the Gold Logie and followed his win with a moving speech about racism within the TV industry and how it lacks diversity.

Waleed detailed how a colleague approached him to tell Waleed that he had changed his name from ‘Mustafa’ in order to land work in the industry.

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Julia Morris sings 2016

Julia Morris’ spontaneous musical performance

Julia Morris was back for the 2016 TV WEEK Logie Awards, with the star sharing a home video of her 17-year-old self performing Bonnie Tyler’s smash hit Holding Out For A Hero.

The beloved host took her performance one step further and spontaneously burst into song; recreating the memory and igniting a sea of laughter throughout the A-list audience.

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Julia Morris’ hilarious gaffe

She was charged with the job of presenting the Most Outstanding Entertainment Program Logie Award in 2015, but the TV star made a hilarious gaff when she announced the winner before she had read the list of nominees.

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Carrie Bickmore’s poignant Beanies 4 Brain Cancer acceptance speech.

Carrie Bickmore won the TV WEEK Gold Logie in 2015. The former host of The Project gave an emotional speech where she brought attention to brain cancer, to which she lost her husband Greg in 2010.

During her speech, Bickmore donned a beanie and implored those watching to wear one the next day in support those suffering from brain cancer.

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Hamish and Andy meets The Voice

Hamish and Andy didn’t host the Logies in 2013, but they did start the show by turning around on their The Voice inspired swivel chairs.

Hamish also had his Gold Logie in a sling tied around his body. He referred to the award, which he won in 2012, as ‘Little Bert’.

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When Adam Hills melted hearts across the nation

Not only did Adam Hills win the Silver Logie for Most Popular Presenter at the 2012 Logies, he also won cutest Dad award when he donned his two-year-old daughter’s heart-shaped glasses.

“If Daddy wins an award, he’s going to put on your sunglasses, so… thank you, Bunny, I love you very very much” he said.

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One Direction made an appearance!

At the height of the One Direction mania in 2012, the British boy band attended the TV WEEK Logie Awards in Melbourne.

The group were met by crowds of adoring fans, with the group treating Australian audiences to a performance live on the red carpet.

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Ray Meagher finally gets the Gold!

Home And Away alum Ray Meagher picked up his first Gold Logie in 2010, which also marked his first nomination for the coveted award.

Ray had a long wait for the nomination and win, with the actor having portrayed Alf Stewart for 22 years before he received the recognition.

When accepting the award, he remarked, “In 1965, at the Regatta Hotel in Brisbane, I won a chook raffle. It has been a long time between drinks.”

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That time the Hewitts wore matching family looks!

Tennis star Lleyton Hewitt and wife Bec showed how to coordinate outfits when they took to the TV WEEK Logie Awards stage in 2006.

Bec and baby Mia’s matching gowns were perfectly in tune with Lleyton’s pastel tie.

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Michael Bublé dances with Delta Goodrem on stage

Canadian crooner Michael didn’t want to just sing Moondance in 2004 – he wanted to dance too.

Walking up to Delta, he took her hand and the two shared a beautiful moment. Delta’s boyfriend at the time, tennis ace Mark Philippoussis, looked on.

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Big Bird takes to the stage

Sesame Street resident Big Bird paid a visit to the TV WEEK Logie Awards in 1995.

The beloved yellow bird was joined on-stage by E Street’s Alyssa-Jane Cook and a group of talented kids for a tribute to children’s television.

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The duet to end all duets!

Farnsey and Jonesy performed a cover of AC/DC’s Long Way To The Top at the 1993 Logie Awards.

It was an iconic performance which saw of one Australia’s most popular musicians John Farnham match pitch with Sir Tom Jones – one of Britain’s most popular!

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Kylie Gold Logie

Kylie Minogue becomes the youngest-ever Gold Logie winner

In 1988, a fresh-faced 19-year-old Kylie took home the Gold Logie, as well as two Silver Logies for Most Popular Actress and Most Popular Music Video.

On the back of her Logies success and popularity as Charlene in Neighbours, Kylie’s career really took off and before long, she was an international star.

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Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman wins her first Logie

Before making it big in Hollywood and becoming one of the world’s most respected actresses, Nicole won her first TV WEEK Logie Award in 1988 for her role in TV miniseries Vietnam.

The Aussie standout went on to win two more Logies – and then, 13 years later, an Oscar for her leading role in 2002 drama The Hours.

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TV icon Graham Kennedy wins Gold

The King of TV won the Gold Logie at the 1978 TV WEEK Logie Awards for his presenting work on Blankety Blanks. In typical Kennedy fashion, he gave a funny acceptance speech in which he thanked himself!

“I would very much like to thank me for having faith in the Reg Grundy organisation” he said.

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