Outlander: Some of our favourite Jamie and Claire moments

While we're in a Droughtlander, let's relive our favourite moments.
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Season seven of Outlander is upon us.

And as Jamie (Sam Heughan) and Claire (Caitriona Balfe) prepare to plunge into battle once more, we have a feeling there will be some dark times ahead of us.

So, to reminisce on some of the better times continue scrolling to see our favourite moments from the love-birds.

Claire chooses Jamie over Frank:

Jamie takes Claire to Craigh na Dun to go home to her current time and home to her husband Frank, but she heads back to find Jamie instead.

She tells him: “Take me home to Lallybroch,” and Jamie can’t hide his happiness.

Claire tells Jamie she’s pregnant:

After Claire saves Jamie from his horrific ordeal with Black Jack Randall, we were unsure if Jamie would ever be happy, or if he could bear the touch of Claire again. But when the two were sailing to France at the end of season one, Claire told him she was pregnant and he actually cracked a smile!

The old Jamie was coming back!

Jamie sees Claire in the red dress:

Claire, being from the future where women are allowed to wear any clothes they want, is more daring with her fashion choices. So when she designs a special red dress with a plunging neckline, Jamie is stunned.

It’s hilarious to see him squirm at how revealing her outfit is, knowing very well that Claire won’t back down and change her dress.

When Jamie fixes the mill:

Yeah, you know the scene we’re talking about. It’s the one you’ve probably watched about 16 times. This isn’t technically just a Jamie and Claire scene (his sister Jenny was in it too) but we thought it deserved a mention anyway.

When Jamie and Claire say goodbye:

In the season two finale, the couple both thought Jamie was going to die in the Battle of Culloden, so he sent her back through the stones to her own time to save her and their unborn child. It was a gut-wrenching goodbye, but at least it’s made better by the fact that they reunited in season three.

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Jamie and Claire reunite

Now who could forget this iconic reunion scene in Season 3! After years living in different timelines, Claire travels back in time and tracks down her favourite Highlander.

Upon seeing his long-lost love, Jamie fainted!

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