Neighbours’ Elly and Mark tie the knot! See all the photos from their wedding day

Elly and Mark's tumultous big day ends in a breakdown...
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After Mark skipped town in Neighbours last week, Elly made a decision that now threatens to tear her life apart. Left heartbroken and alone, the brunette spent the night with Mark’s sister, Chloe.

But when Mark (Scott McGregor) returns and begs forgiveness this week, Elly (Jodi Anasta) decides to keep her shameful secret. That is, until she makes it down the aisle…

Elly’s wedding is filled with drama!

The drama picks up when Mark returns to Erinsborough just hours before he’s to marry Elly.

“It’s the morning of, the flowers come and he walks back in the door,” Jodi, 34, tells TV WEEK.

Full of regret, Mark gets down on one knee. He begs for forgiveness before asking Elly if she’ll go ahead with the wedding. The guilt of sleeping with Chloe (April Rose Pengilly) hangs over her as large as the question in the air.

“She’s broken at that point,” Jodi explains. “The guilt and shame of having slept with Chloe is on her shoulders.”

But Elly’s love for Mark trumps her better judgement − and the truth. She says “yes”.

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As the ceremony draws closer, however, Elly starts to panic. What should be the happiest day of her life is clouded with guilt.

Friends and family cheer as the couple exchange vows in what appears to be a beautiful ceremony. And the couple is joyfully declared man and wife. But before long, the weight of Elly’s betrayal becomes too much and the bride buckles under the pressure.

“She really tries and she’s wanted this for so long,” Jodi explains. “She tries to get through it, but she can’t.”

As she attempts to slip away and gather herself, Mark follows her. Suddenly, she breaks down and confesses she cheated on him – with Chloe.

Unable to face him and what she’s done, Elly runs, leaving Mark to deal with their family and friends, a heartbroken mess.

“The overwhelming feeling at first is just numb,” Scott recalls. “He’s married for all but five minutes. He’s absolutely gutted, embarrassed and angry.”

Is Mark and Elly’s marriage over before it’s even begun?

Take a look at all of the romantic – and heartbreaking – photos from Mark and Elly’s wedding below.

Elly walks down the aisle

A distraught Elly walks down the aisle on her wedding day.

Chloe bea

Elly’s lover, Chloe, and sister, Bea, are her bridesmaids on her special day.


The couple exchange their vows in front of their loved ones.

Elly and Mark

Elly and Mark seal the deal with a kiss.

Mark is none the wiser about Elly’s secret.

The newlyweds are picture perfect!

Ned, Leo, Piper and Karl

Ned, Leo, Piper and Karl are among the happy guests at the ceremony.

Aaron and David

Newlyweds themselves, Aaron and David are excited to celebrate at Mark’s wedding!

Elly breaks down

While her guests kick off the celebrations, Elly breaks down under the pressure of the truth.

The bride begs for forgiveness from her new husband.

Elly leaves Mark

Elly bolts from their big day, leaving Mark to face their family and friends.

Elly pregnant

But the runaway bride has one more secret… she’s pregnant!

As Elly struggles to come to terms with the mess she’s created, things only become more complicated: she learns she’s pregnant! Will she tell Mark?

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