Get your akubras out! Here’s your very first look at the McLeod’s Daughters reunion

The stars of the hit Aussie show have reunited for a fan meet and greet.
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Does this mean we’re one step closer to a McLeod’s Daughters reboot?

Stars of the show Michala Banas (who played Kate), Simmone Jade Mackinnon (Stevie) and Rachel Carpani (Jodi) have reunited for a fan meet and greet over the past week and have been capturing it all on social media.

The trio have been in South Australia and it’s clear that they are LOVING being back together. They’ve got their Akubras and all!

Just last month, the creator of the series Posie Graeme Evans confirmed that she had written a “cracker” of a storyline for a McLeod’s revival.

She wrote on her Facebook page:

“I promised I’d write when I had any news about McLeod’s to share. Yes, we have a story now, and I think it’s a cracker.

“Just finishing the work we need to do before I talk about the next steps with the Network.”

But the task isn’t over yet. She’s unsure if the show will be picked up, but she’s relying on fans to support it and make noise.

“It’s even money if there’ll be a pick-up or not,” her post continued. “And we’ve all got to want to do it and that may be talking to get us all over the line. But if you support the idea of McLeod’s Daughters coming back let me know. It will help – a lot.

“This has been a long time coming but maybe, just maybe, we’re a step closer.”

Click through to see all the pics of the mini McLeod’s reunion.

L-R: Michala, Simmone and Rachel

Look who it is! It’s Daniel Fitzgerald who played Dave, Kate’s love interest.

It’s like they never left Drover’s Run!

Meeting fans.

The three actresses have been planning this reunion for months.

It’s all fun and games with these three.

BRB, making a trip to Freeling.

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McLeod’s Daughters’ stars reunion

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